Monday, February 10, 2020

Dog Health

I started feeding my 12 year old home cooked food over a year ago. The change in his immunity issues are astounding. He no longer has his bi monthly vet visits and has stopped getting skin sores. No more licking and turning his paws pink and no more toenail bed infections. After years of soaks and medications he is completely clear.  His diet does not include poultry but is a simple mix of various proteins and veggies. I include Animal Essential calcium and Ultra Oil.
The most recent supplement I have started giving him a little over a month ago is Trixsyn. Trixsyn helps condition and maintain joints for daily activities by replenishing hyaluronan. Bob was having difficulty getting up stairs due to lack of mobility. Now he seems to have no issues going up and down stairs he once avoided. He will be 13 in a couple months but living better than he has in years.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016


  Miniature Sully was a wedding gift to a lovely young couple. A couple that was determined to get a Samoyed and start the adventure of living with one of these smiling white wonders.  Proving everyone wrong. A Samoyed can live quite happily where the climate is warm.  Behavior and beauty is impeccable.  It was my great honor to make a miniature Sully  both attended the wedding, both behaved beautifully. I want to thank the owners for the great photos of the real Sully with his mini Sully.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 The excitement of life never knowing what the next day or the next commission might bring.  New images new people often times new friendships.   I feel so very fortunate that I have this intense love for animals so every new photo that comes to me is far more than an order to recreate a pet. It is a gift to one degree or another to bond with another animal lover. To share their personal pet with all the photos they love and have carefully selected so I can get the piece just right. Now I have to admit I love cats very much and have owned a number of them myself many years ago.  I know enough about them to know just like with any animal the personalities can be incredibly varied.  Not being as familiar with them in my daily life they can be a great challenge for me to make.  My passion to create them is no less but when you live and study an animal your entire life as I have dogs you learn all the little quirks and details. Not the case for me with cats so when this recent selection of photos came my way I must admit I was a bit intimidated because he obviously had a huge personality that was going to have to be incorporated and he needed to be bigger than I usually make. My art is not just the physical piece you see because for me the personality has to be included.  Yes personality can be included as most of my clients/friends attest to when they receive them.  The owner and I worked very hard to get this Bisi cat just right.  Yes owner. I needed her help and was starting to be a bit concerned I would never quite capture him. Hard for customers to know just what needs to be seen in the photos so it can be just right and sometimes hard for me to see what I am not getting just right. However with great love and patience all can be accomplished in most things and certainly in what I do. Proud to say I did get Mini Bisi right and I made a really wonderful new friend. One thing I have learned about cats is, when they have a powerful personality it is impossible to not enjoy looking at them.  Here I am sharing photos my new friend has been kind enough to share with me of the real Bisi and his Miniature.  You will enjoy them I am sure because he is just one of those cats that you cannot look at without a smiling.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Joe Miniature Pinscher

Passion for making the miniature dogs is really two fold because I love the real dogs so much and can relate to the pain of losing them from our lives.  This little dog Joe belongs to a wonderful couple that were instrumental in me getting my latest little rescue. Miniature Pinschers were not a breed I was familiar with or had that much interest in as recently as 7 years ago. After suffering my own loss I was gifted a Toy Fox Terrier Mini Pin and fell in love instantly. I am sure many people are like me in when they have to say goodbye to a dog they love they would really like one that looks similar to help keep the memory alive.  This is really what started my recreating memorial dogs for people.. That attempt to keep the memory alive in just another way.  Back to my TFT/Pin . He so quickly became the little love in my life helping me to recover as well as possible the loss of my cherished Old Ted.  Fast forward to today and the new rescue as usual searching for the look alike to my TFT/Pin I saw a little guy named Simon. Why had no one taken him already?  Circumstance did not allow me to snap him up so I put it in the hands of fate.. As fate so often does he was still in the foster home when I was ready to meet him.  The foster dad could not have been more helpful going completely out of his way to bring him to me for a meet and greet and see what my dog Bob might think of him.  I loved him the second he was out of the car and still in the foster’s arms.

Now to Joe.. Joe is 16 and he belongs to the foster family that so kindly and so lovingly cares for this breed in need of homes. He contacted me to recreate Joe before Joe leaves them as he can see Joe is slowing down having good days and bad.  It is an honor for me when asked to make a dog because I completely understand what a treasure they are and how much they mean to us. They are our fur children for sure Above are a couple pictures of little Joe 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 I have not posted in so long. It took Chai to drag me out of hiding. Today while looking through my old show book.. photos of past dogs that I used to take to the International Miniature Show so I could have examples on my table, I came across a couple pictures of a little dog I made many years ago. Often when I start to make someones pet I get to know the owner a bit over the process.  This owner and I connected strongly a friendship was born.  We got started on a project together. She is an incredibly talented lady herself. Suddenly she had to cancel a health issue got in the way. We lost track or I lost track of her. I searched and searched for word of her. Knowing she was possibly very ill I feared the worst.  I can't even actually remember how I found her name and wrote "is this you?" She replied YES ha ha.. I was so delighted to know she with me again. We continue our close friendship from afar. Like so many people I am  close to we have not met in person.  I am happy we were connected again so I could be there with her when the darling real Chai passed away. Dogs they bring us joy,sorrow,delight, and pain for me they also bring the most wonderful people into my life. I am forever grateful to Dogs.. It is after all All About the Dogs! Below are a few pictures of little Chai my friends own  cute setting.

Monday, February 2, 2015


 Pepper! It started out so joyful.. Pepper's owner won a prize of a Custom Dog from me.  Making someones pet is never taken lightly. I know from my own love for dogs our pets are family members.. each one is unique, special and so very important to our happiness.  After being in touch with Pepper's owner so we could arrange for the photos and possibly fur this time.. the next message had a different tone! Pepper had just been diagnoses with a aggressive serious cancer that was certain to take her life.  Sadly something I am very familiar with losing two of my own wonderful dogs to this terrible killer. This paused the process because there was grief and planning now it's suddenly a memorial piece. Unexpected yes but we moved on.  Fur came in the mail.. sweet smelling soft wonderful Pepper fur. My heart is touched as I stroke and prepare her fur. This time I had to use all her fur it was just how it had to be. Often it is a real struggle using the real dog fur.. had to be for Pepper.I study the photos and study that expression.. oh that Cocker Spaniel expression!  Getting closer to feeling Pepper I connected with her it seems. The piece to me was her.. I am a crazy dog lady everyone knows.  I accept that moniker I fell a connection to them... it is as if a part reaches out because this little soul is not done comforting her human. Below are pictures of Pepper and Pepper with her is my blessing to be honored with bringing back a bit of our loved animal.. they always leave us too soon.

A Cat called Miou

       The title of my blog is All Dogs.. today it is all Miou
 A little kitty that lives in Germany. Not really a kitty anymore Miou is a old boy cat. He is simply the child the love the everything of one of my dearest of all friends. My friend is a incredibly talented lady in many forms of art.. a incredible musician, singer, piano teacher and incredible miniaturist. The Miniaturist part is where Miou comes in. The combination of love for this cat and the miniature house in need of a pet got me to thinking, it is time to make a Mini Miou.  I had no idea one of my friends other great talents is photography! So what follows are pictures I just find so enjoyable and incredibly realistic. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do..