Friday, January 18, 2013

Janson Estate

I wanted to share a article today from a friends magazine.. Miniaturia.. a wonderful Miniature magazine from Spain. The quality of the photos and paper are a treat to have in your hand.. enjoy

    JANSON   ESTATE                                                                                                                                                                    
Welcome to Janson Estate in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The Estate comprises of Janson Manor & The Servants Quarters which are separated by a sunroom and barn.
The exquisite landscaping, designed and executed by the writer, enhances the beauty of this Estate. It's charm offers an invitation to all who visit to wander through its pathways , enjoying the perfume of its blooms and the gentle color of its flower's petals, The reader will notice that its mini visitors are doing exactly that. One can see them casually strolling among the blooms.
The time period is around the mid to late 1800's and, as usual, there is activity abuzz within its rooms and throughout its outdoor property. The lady and the gentleman of the house, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Williams, are the parents of a set of twins and make sure every attention to detail is maintained by their large staff, headed by Olga...the very stern and fair housekeeper. In one of the rooms you will find her pointing out an infraction of the rules to two contrite maids. The servants each have specific duties to perform. Lady Lucy, the white German Shepherd, is the twin's loving protector...she is with them at all times. Lord Wilson, the harlequin Great Dane, is in charge of protecting the Estate, when he is not busy romping with Maloney, his best friend and the family's handsome horse. Lord Nick, the black Great Dane, is responsible for making each guest feel welcome. He is always busy because the Manor enjoys a steady compliment of happy guests...'Entertaining' is the key word at this Estate.
Frivolity is abundant in the Servants Quarters' as well as in the main house. The staff entertains their visitors on their days off...such a hub of activity. Joy abounds throughout the Estate. One could say "Olga has a very well-oiled 'machine'" In spite of the large number of maids, she is able to keep the household running smoothly.
The Manor was built by Miniature Designs and decorated by Wilson@ Dollhouse Linens and More...he also furnished entire bedrooms, the Music Room and the Living Room. The Manor's Estate comes to life with an array of beautiful dolls...primarily by Viola's Dolls, Annemaries Dolls, and the China Doll among many others. The animals, of which there are many, are the result of Lucy Maloney's exquisite 'life-like' creations. The Manor is not lacking in friends, family and servants to depict the many activities that keep this elegant home so alive with entertainment and joy.
Each resident, whether human or animal, enjoys a responsibility which they perform with admirable efficiency. The viewer can see each one performing their respective duties. The residents and guests of the home are not idle either. They walk through the property, and within the rooms, chatting with others who, like themselves, are frequent visitors.
This is an Estate of pure magnificence...the front door is open.. it welcomes the reader to enjoy the exquisite rooms within.. It is hoped that the reader will visit often, knowing he/she is always welcome.
Janelle Smith


  1. Hello Lucy,
    Lovely article. The picture is just beautiful. Your dogs really add to a very realistic interior.
    Every dog is always so unique and so special...beautiful work. You must be so proud of your creations.
    big hug,

  2. I love thr Great Dane. Every real life house needs a dog, so why not your Doll House? Do you still do commisions? I'd really like to make a memorial great dane based on my dog Poppy. (She is my profile picture) Let me know and I'll email you.

    1. She was beautiful with that classic sweet dane face.. please email me privately.. thanks so much