Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Bacardi is a dog from many years ago. During a photo sorting I came across his album. Feels right to write about him now.. he is after all on my slide show on Designer Dog Miniature's Website, so he is an important piece. To choose 7 photos for a slide show when you have hundreds says it all.  This is one of his favorite actions in the real Bacardi's life.. the old paw offer move. I see this myself daily from my big dog Onyx.  Onyx adds a bit of a slap with is paw offer. His objective is to somehow turn a offer of the paw into a full on "sit on your lap move" Bacardi's pose he is looking gentle and in a true offer of the paw. Said it before ... love those dogs paws. Here he has wonderful paws that seem to actually put weight on the surface he sits on. Attentive sweet expression! So much in those eyes... love, energy,excitement all at the same time. There is always some bond with a piece when it is a persons pet..I can't work with those photos so closely and not get that dog in my head and heart. Enjoy him..

Monday, November 19, 2012


Here we are again... with I hope something you find interesting. Dog Earrings... in this case Rottweiler. My daughter has a Rottweiler named Jack! He is giant in heart and size.  He is, or should be the poster child/dog for sweet breeds that are misunderstood. Calm wonderful gentle boy. Brings true meaning to "Wiggle Butt" as it seems to be in constant motion displaying the sweet friendly personality he has. My daughter's  first Rottweiler was in Germany, when returning to the USA she had of course to have another, so here is the inspiration for my work.  I have made so many Rottweilers just learning to get them right! The tiny little ones turned into earrings and some went to tiny, tiny 1/4 scale doll houses. I have made earrings of two different dogs so someone could wear both their dogs at once. I have made pins of other breeds so people could wear their own dog at dog shows. This worked wonderfully for show dog people. Hands free display of YOUR dog..  Here is Jack! From puppy to adult.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greydee & Bearaboo

 A unusual couple at first glance.. living with them you see it's quite natural for this dog Bearaboo to have Greydee the somewhat crabby looking kitty follow him everywhere.  I enjoyed making this couple. Bearaboo had a under bite that was most important to show in the piece. Greydee had a little closed eye look to her that gave her both character and charm.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What about a Poodle?

Today I am focusing on two of the oh so many Poodles I have made.  In my life my first encounter with a Poodle was a Standard Black male named Josh.. magnificent animal in all regards. He was groomed in the fancy show cut that we all think of when someone says "Poodle"..not a fan as a child of that style of dog but a dog was a dog and I did love all dogs and big dogs for sure.He was not Rin Tin Tin or Lassie but he was big and he was impressive. Josh belonged to a lady that owned a fabulous large brick home on many groomed acres. My mother did her cleaning and I accompanied her many times with the intent on playing some of the very clever games Josh knew. Brilliant animals those Poodles and he was no exception. Hide and seek was one of his favorites. You know what is fun about hide and seek with a dog? They love to be the seeker! Ha ha. Your it! is also something they love... because the chase is the most fun.  You just can't be bored if you have a dog as your friend. The two examples I am showing of Poodles I made both for the same owner.  Sadly the black example is a memorial piece named Wolfy. The beautiful Chocolate brown Poodle is Guiness. He arrived as a wild spirited puppy to help with the passing of Wolfy.  He helped in more ways then expected as she found herself with a handful of puppy that quickly consumed every thought and maneuver to outwit him. Today he has settled into the wonderful companion she needed and wanted.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today another of our dogs that have went on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for his owner. The darling Bichon named Bijou! The photos that come along with the bits of fur and direction on pose give me pause as I study them for detail. More then physical detail comes through. Love... love for this little animal ... deep love and loss when they leave our side. Dogs! The sigh when they snuggle down next to you... paw raised to connect with you. Soulful expression awaiting the next move we are to make... they are our companions.  My little representation of Bijou is on his way to his owner with my hope that he will give a bit of comfort back where the real Bijou has left a emptiness.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


A quick little post on a horse that just went to his new owner. It is often a struggle to actually pack them up and say goodbye when I spend so many hours in such concentrated work on a piece. As mentioned before many times... I love horses! Dogs are what I know! Horses are something I desire. That desire always brings me around to making a horse knowing the incredible amount of work involved.  A piece of me goes into each animal I make. Horses have wonderful spirits, I try to capture that spirit and soul in all my sculptures. You see it in the face and the expression... as if there is just something a little more in there. ... that spark of realism I strive for. Thank you all that respond to my work with such passion and love..