Monday, December 16, 2013


When Trudi's owner ran up to my table before the Chicago International Miniature show opened, I had no idea what a treat I was in for. Not only brilliantly talented in his own craft but a dog lover that meets my standard. He was drawn to the Whippets on my table.. he went on to praise them and make me feel so wonderful with his kind words. I soon learned about his own dear dog love Trudi! A lucky Greyhound always by his side.. below are a few pictures of Trudi in the cute setting recreating the shop her owner works in..I am thrilled to have made this friendship. Dogs!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


When I started Peggy I saw in her expression a sweet old girl dog. Possibly after so recently having to say goodbye to my own old girl dog, maybe I was seeing from my heart that similar look in the eye. Eager to make her for this young man to give to his love for Christmas I started as soon as the photos came.. waiting for the fur to follow next day delivery. It was beginning... another project that somehow becomes more than a sculpture. The directions and information in mind I made her standing since she loves to stand by her owner always.  Her inquisitive look could be in anticipation of anything from a loving pat on the head, scratch on the chin, maybe even a tid bit from the table. Peggy is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Being a Griffon she has as her breed name says very wire like hair.. very difficult to work with, got me wondering again if I am nuts, dog hair is not 1/12 scale. Challenge was met and I will let you judge for yourself the end result. One of the pieces that I start and  and hope for Peggy to come through.  Must admit it feels like magic to me sometimes because as I work on the piece it seems possibly this is the dog I just can't make.. Now Peggy is on her way to being a special gift and that really makes me so happy to be part of it. Our dogs are our family, we want them with us forever. This is my way of trying to help have a part of them forever.. I hope you enjoy Peggy's photos

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I learned about Holly about a year ago. I received a message about making Holly.  Not unusual until he said "Life size". I have made life size a couple times. One so many years ago that my memory of it has faded. The more recent was my own Cairn terrier Cinder so I have much fur from her as I have been stripping her coat for  over 13 years now. Cinder is recreated out of Cinder you could say. Now back to Holly... I was very busy with so many orders when I received  the message.. as always the first question "what is Holly?" Holly is an elderly Maltese with one eye.  I had to say I just couldn't do the project.. too much work and I was just so overwhelmed with work already, and a show coming up to do.  I hate to ever say NO but there was just no way.. days later late in the evening the phone rang.. it was Holly's owner an older man wanting to just ask once more if I would consider doing it. I proceeded to explain the reasons why it was just impossible. My husband sat by listening to the conversation as well as one of my own little loves Ted! Holly's owner began to tell me that Holly was quite old and that he was so afraid of when she died how lost he was going to be.. he then said to me " Lucy she is my best friend.. I just can't not see her" OK done after that sentence I knew I was making Holly! He said the exact thing that I understood well... "how can I not see her?"  Yes how? I know that feeling I would just love one more look and touch of my Old Ted.  So after hanging up the phone and telling my husband what was said. No explanation needed.. My husband has a best little friend too! Teddy..
I received packages of Holly fur and we kept in touch confirming the real Holly was still doing fine something I found myself obsessed with. When I returned from the show as promised I started Holly.  Happy to say Holly has went home now and is doing her job... she will not be the real Holly of course and it is not going to be easy when that day comes to say goodbye to Holly, however now there will be a memory of her with her fur and her favorite pose so that in a small way she will comfort her owner when he has to say goodbye...
This is what my artwork is really about.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


 I have made a few copies of this magnificent rock star Oso.. most of the pictures I come across in my never ending sorting of photos strike me with a memory and I want to show the dog again.  My new work takes time to settle in with the feelings the dog brings. Often looking over work that has been gone for sometime I become rather nostalgic so showing them helps me to relive the making of them. Always a special moment when they are done, and I can play with them in pictures.  Here I posed my favorite fashion doll with him. She lives in a NY apartment on a high floor looking down on Central Park.  Play and dream.. one of my fantasies the high rise apartment in NY City!.. Here she looks out and dreams and imagines with her handsome Newfoundland Oso by her side. Both seeming to have their own dream as they look out and imagine! Love is always the theme there is no other way for me to create a dog... its all dog love!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Forgot Me!

 I titled this as I did because it always seems to me the facial expression on the dog when you walk away is "You must of forgotten me because certainly I would be going!" a mere oversight to have closed the gate on the best friend... can you tell I hate leaving them behind even though we all know there are just times and certain personalities that do best at home rather than at the event ... won't mention names. Everything in life is more enjoyable when the dog is along.  Really! Why walk without a dog or go in the boat? I can put that (Why) in front of almost everything.  Below is my Wolfhound, he has been around and has had his picture shown.. went to shows been in magazines and finally sold in London... below he is in the old oak woods I live in being photographed with the expression I love,sort of sad sort of curious sort of anticipating. Wolfhounds! My first experience was a little shocking. The breed is majestic beyond description with a sweet soulful expression competing with the ever so tiny breeds on our laps. Just felt like a Wolfhound day..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bonzer Real and Mini

 So happy to say Bonzer has arrived in his Alaskan home and is greeted by the Real Bonzer.. he has met all expectations I am very happy to say. He was a great challenge for me with all his shadings and intricate markings. I don't use anything but fiber to create the shadings so it can be time consuming but with a happy customer it is all well worth it.. I was so thrilled to get this photo of them together.. What a dog! Both of them...

Sunday, July 7, 2013


When first receiving the request for Bonzer a  Irish Wolfhound mix to be created in large scale I was a bit taken aback.  Very distinct markings with wonderful expressive eyes with even a exact white mark on his eyeball. Studying his photos ( of which there were many ) I had a strong feeling of his essence that reminded me somehow of my Old Ted. Off to a good start with that on my side.  I knew it would be many months before I could work on Bonzer, it has to be first come first serve and he was far down in line.. however I just had to do his body NOW.. why? to prove I even could, or to have that behind me. I am not sure but I did make him and his skeleton sat for months reminding me somehow making each new project seem less daunting.. The time is here it is Bonzer's turn.  He seemed to be going smoothly face first and good but when it came to fur! Maybe you can imagine how hard it can be to pick the right fiber to match the dog.. trial and error is not a good option in this case.. go to far can't turn back so after my choice was painstakingly made I began the body... his beautiful large body LOL.  With guidance from his owner I think I pulled him out. 
I have since watched a number of videos of Bonzer and I do feel I have captured him and his essence that I saw from the beginning.. he lives such a glorious life in Alaska. I can't even tell you how he seems to just fit that perfect breathtakingly beautiful place and the rugged life there.. bear, moose and a few small rodents to chase under the wood pile.. When I get pictures of the real Bonzer checking out my work on his mini I will post dog Onyx did look him over as usual. Just like with making his body I was just so anxious to show him off. A labor of love as always!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I just felt like writing about Bob.. for one thing if you're reading this than you wanted to so if you find it boring you can just stop reading ... beauty of that right?  The story of how and why we got Bob has been told won't repeat that.  It has taken me just about 5 years now to feel I  of have Bob figured out almost figured out Maneuvering around his many little non typical behaviors has not always been easy. One thing for certain he is a darling and so so friendly to human or canine alike.... a very special thing about dogs I think, is if allowed they will enter a place inside your heart and soul that can be so intune with your emotions you may not be aware its happened. Yesterday as we were all out mulling around the property I stopped at Old Ted's grave.. to chat with him and see the lovely setting growing so beautiful this time of year.. suddenly without notice Bob walked over onto the grave marker and looked up at me with that Bob face and expression .. why is my camera not sewn onto me somewhere. If you think I share a lot of pictures imagine if I took all those moments I think should be captured.  That moment when I looked at him all I can say is "Oh thank you Bob".  To me Bob said "oh here I am don't be sad" a dog's job... well done Bob!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


My parents little dog CeCe was a Yorkshire Terrier. I intended to write about my new roombox that I seem to be a little obsessed with.. in my attempt to find something to put in it suddenly CeCe  actually both the CeCes I made my parents were right there... People that know my story know it was the first dog I really made with fur.. the one I am writing about is the second one I made them.  For me I often feel I am following along on a journey and at times the things that come to me in many different ways come for a reason not always apparent at first. When I saw the little CeCe that I inherited back when my mom died 2 years ago I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Odd how that can strike.. I took some quick pictures of her at that very moment I wanted to feel that feeling from way back when I created her with love, she was received with love and she was shown off with love to my mothers many friends in the residence she lived.I know they must of heard the story of how she was made many times over.. She shows that wear and tear but she has that little CeCe spark yet.  A little story about the real CeCe... we babysat her a few times when my parents would travel. She had a great time here in the woods little city dog fit right in all was great, slept with us love all around.. my father came home (CeCe was really HIS dog) she got on his lap I went over to see him and she growled at me fiercely LOL... however.. now I have a little breed dog and completely get it.. big dogs are just so different that way.. generally speaking..

I will be showing this roombox that has me fixated soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Black Great Dane

No cropped ears!  If I lived in another country other than America I would see many dogs that don't have all the alterations I am custom to seeing and making.  I love making Great Danes I don't know what it is.. size majestic look. I have seen many in person.. actually lived downstairs from one.. Clayton was his name. He was a grey brindle marked dog that had ears in the process of standing up.. what that meant is he had surgery to remove part and then had them wrapped in a very uncomfortable looking way. Was not my choice to do this to Clayton. I observed Clayton grow up from puppyhood. A very long process to adulthood for a large breed like this. He was so so gentle and could walk his small apartment without incident.   Here is a unaltered Dane that in some ways reminds me of my own dog Onyx. Jury is still out on what Onyx is..  My Dane in this photo has chewed a sofa a bit but it was a old sofa.. they make wonderful covers for those now days.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I wanted to share a little update on Miou the Cat from Germany. I call him a Cat now because he is a adult and he has certainly the personality of an experienced male cat running the household he lives in. I know this because he keeps his mom up some nights with worry about him getting into trouble. Much like all us mothers do when our children are out of our sight...  one morning I opened my mail to find the picture I am sharing here.. all I can say is Delightful. I was so happy because  it was just the perfect photo.  The photography of this wonderful friend is always really special with much feeling but this photo just had so much I loved about it. The bits of joy that make life all so enriching. Sharing with you the one and only Miou! ...see the strong essence of him..

Monday, June 10, 2013

This Dog

This Dog is a dog that started out almost in a hurry... sometimes you need a GSD.  My dog Billie was a female sable GSD this dog reminds me of her...We didn't really know what "Sable" was when we went to look at the puppies. Soon we saw.. they were little foxes! Well that is what came to mind when the two sisters were running around my then 3 year old.  The father dog  was a German trained and responded to German commands (always impressive when a dog knows more languages than you know) so watching him go through his routine was very impressive.. "We will take her"  very happy to have finally made the choice. We waited as the dogs were kenneled so the paperwork could be drawn up. My husband and I noticed simultaneously that the intense whining and barking were coming from OUR puppy. "We will take the other one!"Snuggled up in the backseat with our son she was honored by him with the name Billie... after Billy Two Feathers from Shining Time Station.. yes I give away a lot with that reference.  Now when I look in the face of this piece I remember my Billie one of the best dogs I ever had.  I have had a lot of best dogs but Billie was really MY dog I always knew I was safe with her by my side. Once on one of our many outings in the car she attracted the attention of a police officer resulting in a traffic stop only to be told.."I saw your dog and wanted to see it up close" ... she was a great dog..