Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Trio

Called these three dog the Trio! Merlin, Magic, and Mystic. Three agility dogs with a request for action pieces. It did not take me long to learn just what action dogs these really are in life.. two getting old now but still doing their moves. Owners are just a plus to my artwork.  Usually becoming long time friends the dogs just bring us together... they love them I love them and that makes for a great connection. I was delighted to open my email to photos of the real dogs and the minis... I love to include them on my website and show them off for the owners. Always proud when the pieces are complete and the owners are thrilled. It really can't be any other way. Below you will see the wonderful pictures I was delighted to see this morning.. hope you enjoy them as much as I do




Friday, August 15, 2014

My Pieces

Clearly I love what I do.. today for instance I just took out this large Borzoi that has been with me for many years. One of my favorite breeds to make this one is special. Odd how my relationship with the Art reflects my real passion for dogs. Enjoying posing them and seeing the expression on their face makes me dream back to the day of playing.. My son once said "so really you just play all day with dogs and say its work" could it be true? Today it was true.. just took this big dog outside and enjoyed what I see as a really beautiful dog the line between reality can become thin...I hope you enjoy seeing this dog that I love again and again ...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Angel

  I love dogs..everyone that knows me knows...each conversation I have with the dog lover is personal to me If it is a loved pet or a copy of a piece someone has seen me make before they are all important to me. This was the case with this special commission. A grandmother wrote me with a request for a copy of the Shepherd in my hand.. I learned it was to be a birthday gift for her granddaughter. After pointing out they are not toys we proceeded. She was clear it was not a toy and Angel knew that as well. She is about to be 10 same age as my own little granddaughter. Touches the little girl in me to imagine having a piece like this myself at that age. My dog obsession started I guess the day I was born. Grandma and I talked, my work is not cheap. Quite the gift for a grandchild! A German Shepherd Dog I had here already, even though Angel (granddaughter) said was quite nice it was not the one she had seen in my was not the one she was dreaming of having.  Enough said.. I had much time to get the dog made for her grandma was on top of this and knew it would take time to make.. I found myself so involved with this dog, I am always totally absorbed in my work however I kept imagining this little girl one of my people so in love with dogs that all she wants is this to make her so happy... to have the ability to give this to her just filled me with a certain joy. Knowing she had the spot for it to sit and thinking of her admiring her own little Shepherd in her own hand I just had to do this dog with the most sweet face to look at this child. So the dog is complete the grandma is happy and little Angel is awaiting this gift to be opened on her birthday! Of course I fell in love with him myself.. always a problem. Way to in love with the mini dogs myself. It does drive my work that love so I am not complaining however it is many little goodbyes as they leave for the post office.. below is pictures of Angels dog. Wonder what she will name him.