Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 I have not posted in so long. It took Chai to drag me out of hiding. Today while looking through my old show book.. photos of past dogs that I used to take to the International Miniature Show so I could have examples on my table, I came across a couple pictures of a little dog I made many years ago. Often when I start to make someones pet I get to know the owner a bit over the process.  This owner and I connected strongly a friendship was born.  We got started on a project together. She is an incredibly talented lady herself. Suddenly she had to cancel a health issue got in the way. We lost track or I lost track of her. I searched and searched for word of her. Knowing she was possibly very ill I feared the worst.  I can't even actually remember how I found her name and wrote "is this you?" She replied YES ha ha.. I was so delighted to know she with me again. We continue our close friendship from afar. Like so many people I am  close to we have not met in person.  I am happy we were connected again so I could be there with her when the darling real Chai passed away. Dogs they bring us joy,sorrow,delight, and pain for me they also bring the most wonderful people into my life. I am forever grateful to Dogs.. It is after all All About the Dogs! Below are a few pictures of little Chai my friends own  cute setting.

Monday, February 2, 2015


 Pepper! It started out so joyful.. Pepper's owner won a prize of a Custom Dog from me.  Making someones pet is never taken lightly. I know from my own love for dogs our pets are family members.. each one is unique, special and so very important to our happiness.  After being in touch with Pepper's owner so we could arrange for the photos and possibly fur this time.. the next message had a different tone! Pepper had just been diagnoses with a aggressive serious cancer that was certain to take her life.  Sadly something I am very familiar with losing two of my own wonderful dogs to this terrible killer. This paused the process because there was grief and planning now it's suddenly a memorial piece. Unexpected yes but we moved on.  Fur came in the mail.. sweet smelling soft wonderful Pepper fur. My heart is touched as I stroke and prepare her fur. This time I had to use all her fur it was just how it had to be. Often it is a real struggle using the real dog fur.. had to be for Pepper.I study the photos and study that expression.. oh that Cocker Spaniel expression!  Getting closer to feeling Pepper I connected with her it seems. The piece to me was her.. I am a crazy dog lady everyone knows.  I accept that moniker I fell a connection to them... it is as if a part reaches out because this little soul is not done comforting her human. Below are pictures of Pepper and Pepper with her mini..it is my blessing to be honored with bringing back a bit of our loved animal.. they always leave us too soon.

A Cat called Miou

       The title of my blog is All Dogs.. today it is all Miou
 A little kitty that lives in Germany. Not really a kitty anymore Miou is a old boy cat. He is simply the child the love the everything of one of my dearest of all friends. My friend is a incredibly talented lady in many forms of art.. a incredible musician, singer, piano teacher and incredible miniaturist. The Miniaturist part is where Miou comes in. The combination of love for this cat and the miniature house in need of a pet got me to thinking, it is time to make a Mini Miou.  I had no idea one of my friends other great talents is photography! So what follows are pictures I just find so enjoyable and incredibly realistic. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do..