Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing with Barbie

It has been mentioned to me that my work is play! Astonished that it is not obvious that this is Art and hard work! Something  I love, is going over the old pictures of dogs I made long ago and are now living in a collectors homes. Not being a doll collector I have a limited number of dolls of my own. All my great dolls and dogs and even horses from my childhood were all stolen, so I have had to sort of start over in that area.  Many wonderful fasion doll collectors have been so kind and actually sent me a number of dolls to pose with dogs. Rather amazing how the doll industry has changed in these many years.  When I look over the photos of the dolls with dogs I see the same actions I myself have with my real dogs. I suppose this isn't  unusual, we do what we know and it is what I love.... I like to try and show tenderness, love and compassion in the scenes.  Below are a number of photos I pulled together.  A funny thing comes to mind when I look at them.... Randal Craig the wonderful fashion designer of Barbie clothes.... RTW Fashions...saw some Barbie photos with dogs.  He wrote to me.  " Lucy has Barbie no shoes?"  Well No...she does not . What did Radal do? Sent me a package of some fab shoes, Original Tote bags, and limited fashions for Barbie. Now Barbie can pop her purse size dogs in when she takes them out ... now that she has shoes.  Hope you enjoy Barbie playing with her Dogs

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Rufus is a dual purpose piece. I created him to sit with a darling little girl as a I made a copy of a print. I love antique art prints with dogs and children and use them for inspiration many times. Rufus is the first in a series of the same dog in many different situations with little children. I have so many ideas for this dog.   I plan on putting Rufus in many interesting poses and situations.  For now I can only show you this darling boy. His expression is peaceful and loving.  He has many details that a photo just can't show. For instance he has some great paws and toenails! He also is wearing a heavy leather collar with a strong ring since he is a dog of substance. But look at that face .... would he pull his little owner over? I think he is probably very calm and well behaved with great intuition. After all these big breeds can be the most gentle of all.. seeming to know they are large and their owner (in this case) is but a small child.  The story will continue ....

Saturday, September 22, 2012


 Winston was a custom dog... he went to a dancer in New York as a memorial piece. He was a unusual colored dog as the photos will show. Striking the contrast of his white and red. He was a mixed breed .. I think I recall there was some Corgi in him. A grand pet in his lifetime.. constant companion and friend.  Interesting that when the owners sister came to visit him in New York she remembering Winston in life saw the replica of him and took it to her own home for a .... well visit! Winston has still not come back to New York.. He is posed with a little "Annie" doll... they do have similar hair colors. Winston also wears a leather harness copied from the real one. I think he looks cute with Annie and she seems to like him...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This Tri colored Collie is a copy of a dog I knew very well. I actually owned Joshua's sister. Joshua is a beautiful example of a Rough coated Collie. His father was United States and Canadian champion. Joshua himself never entered the show ring. He lived his life out as a pampered pet. He loved to escape and run for miles many times being returned from great distances.  One of those easy to look at and hard to live with dogs. My sculpture of Joshua is large standing 7 inches tall. It has been mentioned many time by me how I love paws and hoofs. I think that Joshua has some wonderful paws. Collies have such nice compact pointy paws... I tried to capture this feature.

Monday, September 10, 2012


 A Cairn Terrier named Peanut! If there is one breed of dog I am familiar with in a most personal way it's the Cairn Terrier.  Accidentally I found myself the owner of a Cairn mix that turned into the love of my life. Old Ted's mom was a Cairn Terrier looking much like my Cinder I have today. Falling madly in love with Old Ted I thought I should find another Cairn....somehow giving all the credit to the Cairn Terrier for making my darling Old Ted who he was. So after trying to get many breeders to even speak with me at the many Dirt dog trials and dog shows I finally found a breeder willing to give a novice a chance at a puppy.  The Breeders can be well that will be another blog.  So this all leads to Peanut, the Cairn Terrier I made for a lady using my Cinder's fur. The customer found Peanut a delight made in real Cairn fur with a face ... well those Cairn Terriers have a face that I absolutely just find the cutest and Peanut is no exception.  My husband and I attend the Land O Lakes kennel club dog show each winter ... once going on the Specialty day for the Cairns. Cairns! Dozens and Dozens of them.. must be my heaven. A ring full of my favorite little dogs. When I enter that show a child comes to my surface and all of a sudden I can't control the excitement of seeing all these dogs in one area... face after adorable face... thrilling to just think of it!  If you can enjoy a darling face then I hope you enjoy my rendition of Peanut...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Black Beauty

We have all heard this name Black Beauty! I didn't name this horse Black Beauty a friend of mine burst that out when seeing her for the first time. That seems to be testimony enough for me that this horse should be called  Black Beauty.  My friends and family know well how much I love horses. Typical little girl I guess, all wrapped up in horses and horse back riding lessons and pestering my poor parents endlessly to have a horse of my own. Going so far as to pick the horse that I wanted out! .....where was I going to keep that horse in the apartment in the city? The wonderful wide eyed dreams of little children.. Each summer spending time on a ranch up north riding everyday was how I survived not owning my own horse ... my Barbie doll of course had many horses. Sadly all my wonderful Doll possessions and animals were all stolen from a place I lived in.  Today I make dogs as all my friends know.  I use the word friend because the support and love along with admiration I get from them feels like friendship. I always try to return that feeling. All this leads to photos of my most recent horse.  She seems to display grace and spirit in her pose.  The facial expression is very sweet.  Excitement for me as I see the facial expression come through. None are the same... each has something inexplicable in the expressions. Until I see that light in the eye the piece is not done... I watch for the spark of a personality is the piece.  Black Beauty has that " Spark" I hope you can see it as well.......

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I wanted to post about little Josette again because she arrived in Beverly Hills. I received a couple darling photos of her I wanted to share.  One of the photos is the darling house keeper that just adores the real Josette. When the package was opened containing Mini Josette the acclamation was "My Baby, My Baby"
Notice in the chair is the sweet Mini of Katie the Medical Alert dog that came to visit me in Chicago.  Such a honor to recreate all these animals for my friend and to have them shown and displayed in such a lovely way...