Monday, April 30, 2012


Here is a custom piece I made for a fashion doll collector. So you see she is large! Not the common thing to say about a Pom. Tiny,tiny little dogs in real life.  Sadly this darling has since passed on to the Rainbow Bridge however the owner does have comfort in having a exact replica of her in this miniature piece.  Oh these dogs... how we love and devote our life to them ( in my world anyway ) spent so many hours talking with my dog people at the recent miniature show in Chicago.  I am inspired by the many owners so in love with their pets. The reason I started making copies of peoples pets.  This is what keeps me crying and laughing with owners as we share our love for these so amazing animals that touch our life and heal our soul each day we are blessed to have them with us. I hope what I do, brings comfort to the owners when it's time to say goodbye.  Dogs! For me it is All About Dogs and sharing my artwork hoping  in some way to help you "Have Your Dog Forever".

Saturday, April 28, 2012

American Eskimo

Making 3 or even 4 of a breed of dog to pose together comes naturally to me... possible reason is I myself own 4 dogs. Knowing dog owners as I do we tend to like a group of dogs in our pack. I always think the same breed looks so stunning together. Here are three great looking American Eskimo dogs with their wonderful smiles in front of the New York city background.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Didn't know a lot about the Basenji before researching the breed and talking to many past Basenji owners. Hearing that they are African dogs that don't bark you may get to thinking that would be a nice thing ... that NO barking. Or is it just a owner like myself with 2 Cairn terriers and a Mini pin Toy fox terrier mix? No stranger to  insane barking bouts at the slightest noise I must admit No bark is a interesting idea. However.... since my many conversations I have found out the Basenji is one power house of energy and destruction! Oh sure there must be the few out there that are behaved. Just like there must be Cairns that actually do listen to their owners and may even do obedience. My experience with the terriers has got me thinking that I won't take a chance on a Basenji, because I certainly would pick the most typical of the breed if I were to pick a puppy.  That could all lead back to a Cairn story but won't go there right now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I love to make these types of dogs. Greyhounds,Whippets, Italian Greyhounds... all sight hounds that have that intense expression and lean long thin look.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Old English Sheepdog

Back from the Chicago show! Going to show a few of the dogs that flew off the table the first day. Such a bitter sweet feeling. I become rather fond of each piece  some more then others. This Sheepdog was one of my favorites. For one thing the face reminded me a bit of my Bob! Bob is known around here as being a little crazy... but oh is he cute. Often hear it said  "but he is so cute" usually after he has done some crazy Bob thing. So here is the darling Old English hope you enjoy her.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Bella Starlet is a very popular dog. She is in TV commercials, her own cartoon to help children learn kindness toward others.  She  also has her own clothing line. Her owner is one of the sweetest most giving people I know.  I have enjoyed Bella's  owner Beth's friendship since seeing Bella on the  Greatest American Dog.   Mini Bella gets her fair share of attention too!  Not only from other dogs as in the photos here... my Bob of course and wonderful Bella herself. If you stop to think about what dogs do for us... teach us, love us, entertain and give us companionship. Protect and serve in our police forces and fight and die in our wars, only asking from us love and care in return.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This dog could  be my dog Onyx..although this dog was made as many as 13 years ago. since we might get a few snowflakes tomorrow I picked a dog in the snow picture for today. I do love taking pictures of the dogs in the snow real and miniature. This is the only picture remaining of this dog. When I started working I went madly into creating and learning the art and didn't pay that much attention to getting or keeping many photos. Now the old dogs are treasures to me when a picture shows up as this one did.

Friday, April 13, 2012


The Tri colored Corgi named Polly so touched the two people that owned her they never could get another dog. She left such a hole in their hearts they were not willing to accept the hurt again.  I made this replica of Polly in a very large scale. The lady collects large 16 inch fashion dolls and Mini Polly will pose with them. I personally know a Corgi that looks very similar to Polly.  Those LEGS and FEET on the Corgi are just so darling. How those legs can travel as fast as they can is really a mystery.


The instruction I was given for this Brittany Spaniel from France was action! Turbo needed a action pose. He needed to look like he was on his way somewhere. If you are familiar with Field bred Brittany Spaniels that is all  you need to know.  Turbo turned out just as he should because the owner was very pleased and came back for him in more poses. Would of liked a picture of the real Turbo with the mini but for some reason the real Turbo isn't one to pose. Go figure.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


  Many people have the wrong idea about the Boxer as a breed. Often thought of as unfriendly or possibly vicious dogs they are quite the opposite. Boxers make wonderful pets.. very gentle and very entertaining dogs. A Boxer just moved in to the area so I hope to get up close and personal and make another sculpt of the Boxer!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Springer Spaniel named Molly was a gift from a husband to a wife. I enjoy working with husbands planning gifts for wives. Something so sweet about the the men trying to surprise their wives with something special. I have made two large dogs for a young man in Africa planning a gift for a wedding present to his fiance. What a special idea he had.... I turned both dogs into book ends! Back to Molly... she was quite fun to make because I have owned a Springer Spaniel that looked very much like Molly. My dog was named Pepper because of all the freckles on her muzzle that resembled sprinkles of pepper.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ted's Poem

                                Walking with my Ted
       With each step he takes he touches my heart. Each moment I hold so dear.. his love and desire to be by my side is stronger then the pain. A upward glance reminding me of the bond we share. Each moment I have left to walk with my loyal boy does not go unnoticed. The gift of his companionship I am most grateful for.

I wrote this on one of our last morning walks in our beautiful woods.  I realize the day may never come that I can really look at his pictures or talk of him without tears. So missed is "Mom's boy"


Asta is a favorite of almost all that see him. Thanks to my dear friend miniature furniture artist Kari Bloom of Minitonminiatures ... Asta was a hit in his custom made director chair. First of all I love those terriers... making Asta for the Movie Dog series I did many years ago was great fun. I used to make a number of copies of him and the people at the Tom Bishop International Miniature show in Chicago would love to take the pick of the one they liked most. Each piece of art is unique in some way since they are all started one by one with their own little points of interest showing up. I think it's a little like when you have a litter of puppies ... always fun to pick just the one you want.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Barbie's Dogs

It all started with Barbie needing dogs when I was little.  Barbie still needs them and I continue to create dogs to interact with her.  Helps me to never grown up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Dogs: Old Ted

All Dogs: Old Ted: Old Ted aka Mom's Boy... very hard to look at pictures of Old Ted or think about him without tears.  Add write about or talk. I loved this ...

Old Ted

Old Ted aka Mom's Boy... very hard to look at pictures of Old Ted or think about him without tears.  Add write about or talk. I loved this heart dog with all of mine. He died almost 3 years ago. He wasn't always called Old Ted ... since I have a dog now named Ted we needed the distinction.  I needed to keep saying his name so had to have another Ted. I imagine I will always need a Ted in my life. I recreated my Ted in miniature. Not 1:12 scale or even 1:6 he is almost 7 inches high seated. I used ALL of his fur to make the piece. I tried to use beard hair for his beard and so on you get the obsessive point I am making.  Dog fur doesn't always work the best for a piece as texture and scale is off ... however it was vital to the piece that it be TED so I did all I could be make him as realistic and as Ted as possible. His sculpture sits under a glass dome on a recreated afghan just like the one that he loved in life.. now he looks at me as I type.. Your Dog Can Be Forever in this way anyway.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bob & Bob

Don't want to leave Bob out of the blog. Here is the mini Cairn terrier made using Bob's real fur. I have noticed a lot of recent miniatures with remarks that they are "real fur"... to me real fur is dogs fur. I don't consider Alpaca or Cashmere, Silk or any other fiber that is used to fur animals as real fur. You don't talk about this fiber as being fur! Just wanted to make that distinction between the two so that when anyone purchases a dog from me that is real fur... it actually is! I use a lot of other fibers to recreate a realistic look, however real dog fur when applicable can't be beat for realism.  Not easy to work with... only makes it even more special. If it's your own dogs fur then even better. Emotionally that is more the real dog to me then other fiber I touch my replica of Old Ted made with 100% his fur .. I know I am at least touching my beloved old friend in miniature if I no longer can in life.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ted in miniature and real life. The photo of the real Ted makes it pretty clear why I decided to make him on his back. Ted can find many seemingly awkward poses that are obviously quite comfy. Showing off his white chest he almost  looks like he is wearing a suite with a white shirt... this piece was made as soon as I got Teddy so I could take a representation of him with me to the Chicago show. Now he is two years old and  time for a larger miniature of him. I want to show the very expressive eyes he has. He may have to be posed with a wonderful new Barbie doll. Ted loves a lap in real life so of course his mini would be most comfortable on a lap as well. Just when does the line get drawn between Artwork and Play?  No denying what dogs have done for me my entire life... what a natural extension my sculptures are to what I have always loved more then anything Dogs!
My father would be so proud...thank you dad for never tiring of  " Dog talk " and giving me my passion for these animals that always give back more then they receive.