Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here is little Josette .. little in real life as well as in her 1:12 mini representation of her. With only 50 photos and a video of her to work from LOL .. I set out to recreate the mini of Josette using all her own real beautiful chocolate brown fur. Josette belongs to a long time friend from Beverly Hills. This friend came to visit me in Chicago along with her then Health Alert dog Katie!  Josette is replacing Katie in that job. I hate the word "replacing" when we are talking about our little fur friends and family. No animal is ever replaced! It works to help describe Josette's role since she is taking on Katie's job as Health Alert dog. A new dog in our life sort of just shoves  their way into our hearts to help ease that pain of loss when one does leave us here on this planet. Katie was 17 a wonderful long life of service and love.  Josette is still very much a youngster just now settling down a bit. A wild ball of brown fur to begin with. There is a spunk and light in this little ones eye. Poodles are wonderful smart beautiful dogs Josette is no exception.  When the real dog fur is the only fur on a miniature piece this small you must sacrifice some of the realism of the piece. Wonderful soft curly Poodle fur will not look wonderfully soft on a 1:12 piece. However that being said real dog fur makes this little dog really Josette.  Let's hope that the real Josette does not have too much time seeing her mini... I noticed in some of those 50 photos of her ... she has many toys and many bows and collars. Josette... she may not be quite as gentle as you see Bob in this photo where he again is inspecting my artwork.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Afghan Hound

Watching a Afghan in full coat move in a show ring is something to behold. Not only are they very large thin fast dogs they have the most flowing silky coats.  Watching them walk around with those prominent him bones wonderful long muzzles... an impressive dog indeed. I have never seen a dog that can actually look as though the coat color is pink... however I have seen a pink Afghan.   People would probably actually be amazed at the coloring and position dogs do come and get in. I made a dog once that was judged a unnatural pose! Funny thing about that pose is my GSD was always sleeping in that pose.  He didn't find it unnatural at all.  The photos on the blog today are a dog that I made many years ago.. many many Afghan Hounds have been made in my studio I think I maybe will make a pink one!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bearded Collie

What a grooming job this is! Of course when the word Collie is in the name you know there is some grooming to be done. Smooth coated versions of the Collie is another story and post. This is the Collie from Scotland. Sensitive sweet face on the one I made. They are indeed a herding and driving dog. My Bob is always a bit curios about my work and in one of these pictures you see him in the classic dog pose doing a little sniff. Just have to wonder what my real dogs do think of my work. I have had a few pieces chewed up from dogs I have owned.  In fact I have had to repair many dogs that the real dog has gotten hold of once the piece arrived at the new home. Hard to resist a soft ball of alpaca I suppose.  Real dogs don't have a real great appreciation of artwork..... unless it is Bob...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

St. Bernard

  Something about a St. Bernard I find just this giant of dogs still seems to think it is just a lap dog. Such personalities! At the dog show I see them walking all over with big bibs on.... one owner sitting on the floor waiting for their time in the show ring .. the giant dog sat on this small little woman almost entirely covering her. She just looked at him with a expression that was as sweet as the dogs looking at her... it is so wonderful that their is a person out there for every breed of dog. Doesn't matter if it's a drool problem or a shedding problem or a health problem or all of them combined.. we love our dogs and we love those special breeds. I included drool on my St. Bernard how could I not?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boston Terrier Family

One thing about the Boston Terrier is he is a American dog breed.  Originally there was a dog named Judge that was the foundation of the breed you might say.   With a little terrier thrown in and even some Bulldog sized down to what we have today.  Signature style with the markings and coloring. Brindle and black with white that is the Boston. Little dog all dressed up to go on the town. Perked ears and pushed in face! I created this little family on request. A dollhouse needed a family of Boston Terriers one would not do. I thought picturing them in a dog house would be a cute idea..

Monday, August 20, 2012


I can never guess what  a dog commission may bring into my life in the way of challenges or people. Always interesting! It's never as simple as look at a picture and make me my dog. Often many stories need to go along with the dog pictures and fur creating a real base of personality and look for me to work from.  A sentence that just sticks with me relating to Zoey was this one... "well a oriental rug has been eaten so far .. but what a little darling"  I LOVE that! I knew I could easily work with this customer.  This is my kind of dog owner.. the type that sees the darling-ness of the dog in spite of any problem or destruction they may have caused. Zoey is a Corgi mix .. nothing on my table at the Chicago International was quite Zoey, but of course how could it be? She is Zoey! With most dogs we own they are individuals in look and personality. Thankfully all the rescues are saving millions and owners are going to the Dogs of all combinations and styles making what I do interesting and always new.  Mini Zoey caught the eye of a writer for Miniature Collector magazine, she felt that the likeness was so close she should write about my dogs. So happy and proud to show them in this fine miniature magazine. More of my dogs can be seen in the Oct 2012 issue with more  real pets. Here I am finally sharing Zoey

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mom's Boy

   Jan 2/1995  ~   Aug 17/2009

This was my darling Ted's life... the space between the dashes.  I am writing about him today because it was three years ago we had our last day together.  It is impossible to put down in words what that dog meant to me. It is impossible to think of or talk about him without tears. How can one little animal that doesn't even weight twenty pounds have the most radical affect on ones life? From the first moment I saw him to my last kiss goodbye this dog changed me. I always was a crazy passionate dog lover.. however when that little guy came home with me it was every Christmas and birthday rolled into one. A childlike joy holding him. He knew it I guess because he took such advantage of me his entire life. Rules didn't apply to Ted. Telling all the dogs to stay he followed and looked back as much as to say " yeah you guys stay there ". He was always near my side always! When I would drive up my driveway he was there waiting as I watched his little tail wag his hello  he raced to the door oh happy to have me home again.  We spent a last day much like we spent days when he was a younger dog. I guess he wanted as he always did to give me a bit more of his joy.  I said goodbye to my boy on Aug 17th at 6:05 PM stroking his head as he left me.  I am so grateful for my time with him and the lessons he taught me about unconditional love.  I never wanted him to have any discomfort ... there are many stories of the measures taken to achieve that goal.  A few pictures of Mom's Boy follow. Obviously one of him as a baby.. one of him under my chair reminding me of how I had to struggle to work and not disturb Ted! A picture of him sitting on a piece of poster paper I just dropped... he always sat on whatever I put on the floor... another one of his cute little things he did.. Of course I always thought everything he did was cute.  From the beginning to end he remains seated in my heart until we meet again.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here Lassie!

 After many recent conversations about Collies and Movie dogs I just felt I would make this post short and sweet with a simple reminder of  Lassie. That warm goose bump feeling that used to come to me as the program started and I watched Lassie running through the country side leaping over the fence to the sound of Timmy's voice calling " Here Lassie" next scene the wind blowing her/his perfectly flowing well groomed fur as the theme song played! Boy I can still clearly feel how I always felt seeing that dog. I still can get that goose bump feeling .... never have really grown up when it comes to dogs.  It's no wonder why Lassie was the very first Movie Dog I ever made.  I put her/him in the pose from the end of the movie ... the slight pause then the paw was raised and the credits rolled.  Jon Provost as Timmy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brandy Noel

A very special dog.. not that all our dogs aren't special.. Brandy was the Heart Dog of a dear lady I came to know not that many years ago.  Brandy was a American Cocker Spaniel a breed I have had personal contact with since the second dog I ever owned was a Cocker Spaniel... Cindy! Cindy was coal black while darling Brandy was a chocolate brown with a little bit of white on her chest.  Brandy's sculpture was to be bigger so that she could be a memorial piece. I often make the dogs larger scaled for this purpose so that the facial expression can be more detailed. Included in the Brandy sculpture was some of Brandy's real fur. When I get those bags with the bits of hair from the dogs that have already left us.. I take it very seriously. This is a part of someones dog, a dog that meant the world to someone. It is impossible to put into words the emotion that goes into each one of these pieces. From personal experience I know what holding the dog hair in my hand from a dog I loved so deeply that only through tears can I even think of my own darling Ted that has left me with a heavy heart three years ago this Aug 17th. My deep love for that dog and dogs in general is what puts the passion in each sculpture I create. Never taken lightly I work to give a bit of life a touch of the essence back ... each sculpture is special to me. With bits of her fur in place and expressive eyes.. I only can hope for some small comfort when the Mini Brandy goes home to sit at the desk and again look into her owners eyes. I love making all the dogs.. when they are for a doll house or Fashion doll setting they are all important to me. It is these dogs that have went to the Rainbow Bridge that touch me to my soul ~ 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Italian Greyhound

The paradox .... I have always really loved Big Dogs! As a child I always wanted a Big Dog! Italian Greyhounds are one of my favorite breeds to make ... all those slight delicate dogs are just so delightful. Possibly because Miniature Pinschers are one of the breeds that came out of the Italian Greyhounds and I adore my little mini pin mix Ted. These dogs have a way about them a delicate yet tough little dog. They get chilly easily and like to snuggle under the covers when allowed. Taking a nap under blankets would be typical for them.  Clothes is not just a adornment when it comes to this breed...  since a nice warm sweater would be welcome and needed here where I live in Minnesota with the snow and the cold. Below zero would be too much even with that sweater on.  I love the way they pull their delicate legs and paws up close to their body... I love the long pointy feet with the highly arched toes.  I hope you enjoy the photos of a few of the Italian Greyhounds I have made....

Friday, August 10, 2012

English Pointer

Hunting dogs were in my life from the earliest I can remember since my father raised them. A avid hunter of all game birds, it was a keen interest of my father to have well bred hunting dogs. Myself I never was that fond of them as they always seemed to have way too much energy and not a look I was crazy about. Sorry to all the hunting dogs as I have since found beauty in all dogs I appreciate them now very much. They are not my typical breed to make as most requests sent to me are mixed breeds that the average household has or some of the more common dogs you see each day. Not that many English Pointers walking around my small town. There was much study to be done and many dogs to make before I felt I had the correct English Pointer. Studio full of various stages of Pointers that just didn't make it to the sale room... very pleased to say that one of my Pointers is in the miniature museum in Kentucky on display in a hunting scene. I hope to visit there one day and see my Pointer in person again.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Airedale Terrier

My father's dog as a child... one of my father's dogs, was a Airedale Terrier named Ted! As a child I heard many stories about the Airedale named Ted. In 1918 my father was a eight year old boy... his constant companion down on the river road where he grew up was Ted. A scrappy robust little dog very suited for hanging out with a little boy that loved to fish and hunt and explore his world. Ted loved any left over fish caught that day or to protect from any passing dogs or if needed to jump on the home made raft for a little ride across the lake.. always joyful,exciting stories with danger and a gleam in my fathers eye as he told a wide eyed interested little girl, because my father loved dogs and he loved that Airedale named Ted. I loved those dog stories my dad told me. I don't know what my father loved more then dogs if anything.. I thank him silently daily for all those dog stories that helped me be the dog person I am today.... My first scrappy little terrier was named Ted in honor of my father and his love for a great dog from the past.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What is with the Poodles? This I ask myself when I look at my photos. I have been making Poodles in all shapes, colors,sizes and hair styles. Poodles are fascinating dogs after all.  I can go way back to my childhood .. you started hearing things like "Cocka Poo" actually probably one of the first great mixes that became a well known breed. Very nice mix with Poodles, they are very intelligent dogs don't shed come in a variety of sizes. My very first little dog when I lived on my own was a Cocka Poo. Tuffy was his name he was black and white curly darling as anything could be with a Cocker mother and a Poodle father. Would never promote such breeding today with all the surplus of poor dogs needing homes. However my Cocker at that time well it's  a long story and you know the end. Tuffy!  I went through folder after folder of photos to choose a few for the blog... only to discover I could have a Poodle Blog! I did pick a few I like some old old dogs from back in the early 90's. I have been making Poodles since I started. I am about to start a very special Poodle project and will be talking about it here the closer it gets....