Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Dane

 This Dane has the natural ears... I don't like that we here in America do surgery to alter dogs to look the way we like them to look.. that being said I love the cropped ear look.. so I am a typical American... Could really open a can of worms with the topic of how we alter our dogs through breeding only to create a animal with so many health issues and physical disability's it's not funny... not to even mention the mental condition some dogs are born with.  That will be for another time.. for now here is the most watchful Dane with his natural ears..

Monday, May 28, 2012

Half Inch

From one extreme to the other... here is a tiny Borzoi half inch scale. Same German glass eyes and detail as the large dogs.  He has a incredible expression for such a tiny little fellow..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Large dog standing over 8 inches tall.  He looks wonderful in this New York apartment. Striking with the black and white!


Another really wonderful home for one of my magical creations. This time it's a Whippet with the most delicate paws and facial expression. I am so happy that this dog caught this ladies eye.. quite the designing eye it is too as you can tell by just seeing this one room.  I will be sharing many more of the dogs that now live in this fabulous Manor. Feels so good to know your work is appreciated and being taken care of with such love. She is a real animal lover in mini and real life..

Friday, May 25, 2012


Very fond of making this breed and other similar sight hounds. This was a project I did with a wonderful doll artist from the Netherlands. We made the pair for a miniature show.... stunning together. I only wish I had taken many more photos of them together.

Air Bud

Air Bud's owner and I communicated quite a lot while I was making the miniature of Buddy ( Air Bud ) for my Movie Dog series.  Action is the word that comes to mind with anything regarding Buddy. He was a amazing athlete and has seemingly passed this down to the many generations that follow.  The Air Bud movies have a very large following... mixing a little drama and sports all in a dog loving story.  I really enjoyed working on this dog and learning all about his movie career first hand from his trainer and owner.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


If you remember me writing about Kaytee then you will know when I tell you this is the other book end George! Not sure what breed George has in him ... the owner had no idea either. He was very shiny and bright eyed with a spunky little attitude sporting a white color with bright pink design. I posed George with many large fashion dolls. When I sent the owner pictures he got quite a laugh over George posing with all the beautiful woman. He seemed to feel that is just what George would do!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Lassie! Can't you just hear Timmy calling her? Watching her jump in or out of the bedroom window... put her head down on Timmy's bed. Oh the wonderful memories of that series. Too bad it indicates my age...  Creating Lassie was my first thought when I did the Movie Dog Series many years ago.  A really wonderful write up was done in Dollhouse Miniature Magazine and our local newspaper featuring pictures of the series of dogs. Showing you Lassie in the blog today seemed appropriate .. I was so very touched to have Jon Provost (Timmy) comment on the post about his dog Barney  I made for him.   Hope you enjoy Lassie in mini.. half as much as I enjoyed making Her/Him.. usually a male in the series for size and heavy beautiful coat.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Daphne & Bentley

 Today we have  Daphne the Maltese and Bentley the Brussels Griffon.  I've noticed when posting I often have to say they are a dog of a good friend. Funny when I think about how many good friends I have made through the dogs! These dog's owner actually became a friend over the miniature business that soon led to the real dog world as it always seems to for me.  Sadly on one of the visits to the Chicago show to see me as she always does she came with pictures and fur and a sad story about what little Daphne was going through with her cancer.  Breaks my heart as I hear this over and over these days... our pets are suffering from cancer at alarming rates.  I went ahead and created the little Daphne in 1:12 scale and  made Bentley knowing that even in mini form they needed to be together. Daphne is no longer with us and no longer suffering any pain leaving her owner lost without her.  The pictures show the two little darlings in the miniature setting... followed by the pictures of the reproductions, is the picture of them in life.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Part of the story of Barney is he belonged to Jon Provost. Jon you may remember was "Timmy" from the Lassie series years and years ago.  As a child I had two favorite dogs from TV... Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.. As a little girl of course it could never have entered my mind while watching Timmy with that gorgeous smart Collie Lassie ... that I would one day actually communicate with Timmy. Funny that the dog Jon owned and so loved was not a Collie but a Beagle! I like the picture with the dandelion because it gives you a idea of how large the portrait Barney is. Memorial pieces are nice large so you can really get the feel of the dog. Barney was so loved and so very missed when he passed away. He was a good old dog that lived a very wonderful life full of love and attention ... even meeting Lassie himself. I made this portrait dog of Barney for Jon as a gift from his wife.  Very proud to have the opportunity to do this for them.


Here is a variety of Papillons in two scales.  Of course the picture of the group in a hand....a very often seen  photo since it really shows the scale. People love the Paps even if they don't own one themselves.  Just looking at the cute soft expressive little dogs tells it all I guess.  First picture is the mentioned group in hand!  Followed by Barbie  holding a 1:6 scale... if only this older Barbie had some life!  Realism is always the point. I have to say there is always a bit of disappointment when a doll holds the dogs because they just don't reach realism.  The doll I admit are really getting beautiful in the large scales ... however they don't look alive yet. Not to me anyway.  Posing them in a way that the love for the dog is showing is my goal. Trying to make inanimate objects show a expression of love toward another inanimate object I guess.   The basis of my work is the love of the Dog always! Creating them started out as just one more way to fill my life with dogs... it remains just one way my life is All Dogs.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today's entry is a Pug posed with Barbie... he was chosen today after a request came to me for a similar Pug to pose this time with a 1:12 scale doll. Don't have much personal experience with Pugs.. funny how we all have those particular dogs that just touch us in look or personality and most times both.  We have as different taste in our dog love as we do in all other aspects of life. A little side note... the clock hanging on the wall is one of my dear friends and fabulous artist Ichiyoh Haga's creations. He sent this wonderful working clock that was set for Japan time. How wonderful!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Katee is a Tibetan Spaniel mix that lives in Australia.  It was a fun project to make her and her dog brother George.  They were a wedding gift from a young man that was going to turn them into bookends! Now that is a very original idea ... I was touched to be part of it. It is a very important thing to create a beloved pet...   She is quite large after all she became a bookend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This little 1:12 scale dog was named Pugsie because she started out as a Pug. Sometimes when I start a piece I get a little bored with the same breeds so I create my own little mixes.... A Designer Dog if you will.  Pugsie a complete original in all respects.  The reason she is getting her own post today is this... my son home for a visit passed the display case and focused on Pugsie. "Who is this?!" Now you can imagine my son has been looking at my work for 17 years! Liked many.... disliked some too! His reaction to the face on this little dog made me also see ... it is darn cute! Resembles our Cairn terrier Cinder.  Faces are so important to me .. most of the dogs attract attention for my individual representation of those special faces.  As mentioned in most articles written about my work the dog is not done until that face is just right.. it has to have realism. I wish I was better at photography so you could appreciate better the  expression this dog has. They all have a message if you look closely enough.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romney...The Miniature Poodle

Well here we have Romney! Romney belongs to the same person that owns the wonderful Manor in the previous post. I think he has such a magnificent face and expression.   Romney as I mentioned in the earlier post has his own leather chair in the reception area of the law firm.  His owner was also very nice to send me a picture of Romney sitting next to all the dogs that live in the Manor. You may notice a black Poodle that resembles Romney.  He seems unimpressed with the entire group. After all Romney lives a very social life... not easy being the meet and greet dog in a very large law firm. One can only imagine the time it takes to say hello to all those clients. Around here it would be a big deal to just keep everyone awake! Most have seen the numerous sleeping photos  that I post of my dogs lounging around all day.  Romney lives a wonderful life and makes all that meet him a little happier.... joining his owner at work each day is about as good as it gets for a dog. They love to be near us and us near them.  I am among the lucky people that get to be close to my dogs all day. I feel very appreciative of having that luxury all these years. Truly a blessing to be near your dog.

In this picture the senior attorney just passed the reception area as a call came in ... he answered the call in Romney's chair and I guess Romney was wondering why ... what a nice boss.. and nice place to work. Mr. Van Camp is a very highly regarded as founder of the firm.Chairman of the Board of Law Examiners and his team grades all the students who sit for the Bar Exam.. He also brings his THREE dogs to work! The caption for  this picture is  "Who's The Real Boss?"  I think I know...

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Manor

Very special post today because it includes one of my favorite dogs and a very special lady that now owns him.  It was very easy for me to become very good friends with the Great Dane's (Lord Wilson) new owner and the owner and decorator of this wonderful Manor.  The interesting part of my new friendship is .. the dogs that started it were from my website not her own dog. She does own a dog! She owns a most handsome Miniature Poodle named Romney. She sent me a fabulous picture.. actually a number of photos of the real Romney. One in his own leather chair in her office. Love that so much! You should see him in it. Also a picture of him with his paw on the back of one of the attorneys from the office as he spoke on the phone.  You get the picture here of who is running the office.  However the focus was dogs she wanted for her Manor.. settling first on this Great Dane. This started daily emails that continue to this day in spite of the dogs already delivered and living in the Manor. Obviously she has a great deal of good taste because the Manor has some wonderful custom pieces throughout.  I am going to include the link to the website where she commissioned this fabulous structure so you can go and look for yourself at some of the great pieces he makes and sells from his site. I have already seen many dog prints he has that would really work for that museum or library I would like to have one day. I hope you will take some time to look at his work. Gallery 5 has more pictures of the Manor.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Many puppies have been made to place with their mothers. Here are just a few puppies with their moms!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dog & Doll

Often I find  inspiration from old oil paintings or prints. Always finding dogs and children so charming I often look for large dogs and little children to make a copy of. In this case a St. Bernard and little girl in a touching exchange as she wipes the slobber from a lip. Anyone familiar with a St. Bernard knows all about this... bibs are in order here. The little girl was made for me by  Julie Campbell of Bellabelladolls. She is wonderful to work with I have a few more ideas I am working on with her. Hope you enjoy this pair.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In this little photo from the animals owner you see Cupcake sitting in the chair. The Wire Fox Terrier looks on. The terrier actually made his way around this dollhouse in many scenes. The funny thing about this commission to me was that the request was for a really "ugly crabby cat" well.... hard to do ugly for me and hard to picture crabby. After a few attempts..... here is crabby Cupcake. I left out ugly because no animal is really ugly.... we all see beauty  differently .... isn't that wonderful?