Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Terriers

  I can't call it work when I get so much pleasure and have so much fun looking at these little dogs! These brothers are part of a family group.  The wire faced brother was the first to be made. Why he turned out to be such a plump little fellow I really don't know. You would think I would have some control over the outcome of the piece. Oddly some seem to just come out on their own with their own little look and expression to show and tell their personalities.  His look portrays "I'm going where I want and doing what I want when I get there" funny now that I think of it I have known a wire faced type of guy that felt that very way. In fact more than one.... the brother I intended to be plump, but as mentioned earlier I have no control... so he is less chubby and a bit timid. Looking to his brother for leadership.  Possibly part of him being less plump... always waiting his turn. Around here if you waited your turn for dinner you would have none.. they both wear leather collars Mr. Timid wearing one that is way too big to add to his little personality. So here is the story behind these two boys.. I hope to show the parents off very soon.