Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Trio

 Here I am posting once again... it seems I think of it so often but the business of creating takes over my time. The title of the blog tells you the number of dogs but there is so much more. I started calling them the Trio and it stuck.. Three marvelous Australian Shepherds. Two Tri colored and one Blue Merle. Never has a owner done such a job of organizing bags of individual fur for each.. all marked so perfectly.. photos sent so clearly and every position possible. This makes getting the details easier for me. I did have a heck of a time with keeping the names of who I was working on straight. Important to me because I talk to them and get a sense of them while I work. Here was Magic,Mystic,and Merlin.  Being asked to do something a little out of the box is always fun for me and usually I will do whatever I can to make the owner happy. In this case these were agility dogs! How about some movement?? Wow .. I have been asked for action before.. but this time no real scale was involved just wing it. So she sent me the cute pieces that the dogs were to use and instructions on who does what and how... I have watched my share of agility, loving it of course.. total excitement.  Once saw a Sheltie that could not be quiet..  so cute bark, bark, bark, as her owner held her in his arms.. wonderful owners, he seemed to not notice the barking right by his head...   Now the trio... I laughed to myself after I showed the owner the second photo she said "oh wonderful he can do both pieces of equipment" I then realized I didn't know who I was putting on what... no problem, since the goal was they would work on more than one, so she could play with them when posing.  My next mistake was taking close face shots with the real dogs in the background.. I realized I had Magic and Mystic backwards... It was a little confusing to work on them even in the end. I learned a lot as I always do and I think the end result is quite nice.. I hope you enjoy reading about them and seeing their pictures.

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