Sunday, June 22, 2014


One of my absolute favorite dogs to make are the Sighthounds. This wonderful memorial piece had a special job. He was going to be the comfort for a elderly lady that was about to undergo hip surgery.. Roi was her constant companion in life and now more than ever he was missed! Other new Whippets in the household did their job to comfort but we all know about those heart dogs.  The request came from her daughter I began Roi right away so he could get to Australia in time for the surgery. Happy to say he made it in time and Mum is coming along well now. I like to think little Roi is helping her with the pain of surgery and loss of a four legged companion.  The hard part of my artwork at times is knowing the powerful love involved in our pets and bringing a memory back is a task I take very personal. I have had to say goodbye myself to more than one. More and more my artwork is doing just what I had hoped.. giving a physical reminder of a member of our family often times much closer than the humans we live with. Dogs are so very special to me there is no other way I can be closer to them.. I guess that is what I have always wanted to be close to them!

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