Monday, February 10, 2020

Dog Health

I started feeding my 12 year old home cooked food over a year ago. The change in his immunity issues are astounding. He no longer has his bi monthly vet visits and has stopped getting skin sores. No more licking and turning his paws pink and no more toenail bed infections. After years of soaks and medications he is completely clear.  His diet does not include poultry but is a simple mix of various proteins and veggies. I include Animal Essential calcium and Ultra Oil.
The most recent supplement I have started giving him a little over a month ago is Trixsyn. Trixsyn helps condition and maintain joints for daily activities by replenishing hyaluronan. Bob was having difficulty getting up stairs due to lack of mobility. Now he seems to have no issues going up and down stairs he once avoided. He will be 13 in a couple months but living better than he has in years.



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