Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here's Jilli! She's the poker playing Yorkshire terrier that was found on the streets of New York city by Rick Caran about 9 years ago. She had no collar was dirty and thin. Rick took her in and together they have spent years cheering up people world wide with her wonderful card playing. Of course Rick gets a little credit for all his wonderful dog training but Jilli obviously has charisma galore. A little entertainer in a 5 pound package! I created the mini Jilli larger then 1:12 scale and using as much of the real Jilli fur as possible. Secretly Jilli has a tad bit of a beloved cat fur nestled in her belly fur. The cat was a beloved pet that lived with the Caran household. You can learn more about Jilli and Rick on their website.


  1. So adorable! How do you get the subtle shading from gray to blonde correct? that must be kind of challenging. Great work!

  2. I was lucky making Jilli I had her fur to work with. It can be challenging though. Thank you Alessandra for following the blog.