Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonderful Group

A wonderful friend just sent me a few photos of one of her rooms she has decorated using many of my animals. The room has one very special dog... Katie the medical alert Poodle. She is sitting in the beautiful chair. I was lucky enough to meet Katie in person when my friend brought her to the International Chicago show. Katie of course was allowed to go everywhere with her. I loved her as soon as I met the tiny little darling dog so devoted to her owner and so well behaved! Something I really appreciate since here behavior is often... well NOT. Well not good anyway. Katie has recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. Happily she will live on in miniature. Currently I am working on Josette the new Poodle in her home. I have some of Josette's beautiful chocolate brown fur so she will be all Josette! She is going to be in the famous "want to play?" pose all us dog owners know well. A tennis ball will be required.

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