Thursday, December 13, 2012


A bit of excitement when I get a request for a Cairn Terrier... when the picture looks so much like my own dog Bob, and my fur grand baby Mario!  There is just something about their faces that gets me deep inside. Is it from the great love I had for my Old Ted? Is it just that they are the cutest little dogs? No real challenge working on this little guy. Mini Brian is a Xmas gift so he is wearing a red bow. I tried to get a photo of him next to my own Cairn Bob... Bob seemed indifferent to the whole idea. Maybe he is sick of me showing him my work... Little Brian is on his way to London.. hope he makes his new owner happy because it sure made me happy to make him for her. These little dogs are just a package of joy for me... well dogs are.


  1. Cairns, just have that certain look about them....your Bob is much like our Holly who we lost 3 years ago. We are now considering rehoming a 7 year old, she looks adorable, but darker than Holly and your Bob.....anyway, i wouls love one of these mini Cairns, but i would think they are out of price range.....beautiful work and you've captured the "look" perfectly, its a joy to look at least :)

  2. you may be surprised look at my website..

  3. Hello Lucy,
    He is just the most precious little dog ever! I love him sitting by the Tree. What a beautiful picture! His eyes are just amazing! you would swear it's a real dog staring back at you wondering what you are doing. The tilt of the head is perfect. Lucy, you really make the kid inside of me smile with all my heart!
    A true work of art!
    Big hug my friend,

  4. my friend at work who passed away loved those little dogs