Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here is Casey! Lab mix with the most obviously happy face that I had to have him with a open mouth. Casey is about to venture on a cross country RV trip with his owner to study the relationship people have with their dogs. A very interesting idea I think. Casey and the real Casey should have quite the adventure meeting many dogs. Let us hope mini Casey stays out of harms way... there have been a few mini dogs eaten by their namesake or possibly a visiting dog as happened to a dog in Australia. The mini was sent all the way back to the US for a repair job. Hoping to not see mini Casey at my door. He was very difficult for me to get right the first time.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Here is a wonderful show dog. This dog was made using 100% Baby Alpaca tops... very fine fiber. I always give the most attention to detail that I possibly can. With this dog I went as far as giving him fur between the bottom of his toe pads. He is quite large measuring bigger then 1:6 or play scale. He will be leaving for his new home in Canada soon first he needs to have a few photo shoots with some large fashion dolls. Hope you enjoy seeing him.... wish you could feel how soft he is and see the soulful expression!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here's Jilli! She's the poker playing Yorkshire terrier that was found on the streets of New York city by Rick Caran about 9 years ago. She had no collar was dirty and thin. Rick took her in and together they have spent years cheering up people world wide with her wonderful card playing. Of course Rick gets a little credit for all his wonderful dog training but Jilli obviously has charisma galore. A little entertainer in a 5 pound package! I created the mini Jilli larger then 1:12 scale and using as much of the real Jilli fur as possible. Secretly Jilli has a tad bit of a beloved cat fur nestled in her belly fur. The cat was a beloved pet that lived with the Caran household. You can learn more about Jilli and Rick on their website.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonderful Group

A wonderful friend just sent me a few photos of one of her rooms she has decorated using many of my animals. The room has one very special dog... Katie the medical alert Poodle. She is sitting in the beautiful chair. I was lucky enough to meet Katie in person when my friend brought her to the International Chicago show. Katie of course was allowed to go everywhere with her. I loved her as soon as I met the tiny little darling dog so devoted to her owner and so well behaved! Something I really appreciate since here behavior is often... well NOT. Well not good anyway. Katie has recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. Happily she will live on in miniature. Currently I am working on Josette the new Poodle in her home. I have some of Josette's beautiful chocolate brown fur so she will be all Josette! She is going to be in the famous "want to play?" pose all us dog owners know well. A tennis ball will be required.

Petunia & Tessa

Here are Petunia and Tessa! Two darling American Cockers living the life. Not the usual request for a string of pearls instead of collars. Of course when you live the life I guess you don't wear a typical collar. How I love the dog owners! It is a joyful experience for me to create such loved pets. Petunia and Tessa are going to live in a wonderful dollhouse that is a surprise ... being built and designed by one of the owners for his beloved wife. Touching to hear all the love of both miniatures and dogs. What a perfect combination. Seems so necessary to me to have your dog in your miniature world as well as your large one. I think I have captured the difference in personality between them by the expressions on their faces.

Friday, January 6, 2012

White Persian Chinchilla

I try my hand at cats now and then. I have a couple artist friends that make the most perfect cats I don't ever feel I am actually competing in that area of creating. However being a artist in love with all animals I have attempted to make a few cats. This one I was quite happy with.... there are a few others and I may show them off one day but today is her turn! She is a Persian Chillchilla with fine alpaca tops for fur. She has really nice bright green eyes. I hope you enjoy seeing her.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I really love horses! The beauty and athletic ability of Secretariat inspired me to create a miniature of him. I don't often make horses, in fact you can count the horses I have made on two hands. Secretariat and Seabiscuit are in my own collection. Thinking it is getting to be time for another one. I hope you enjoy seeing this representation of Secretariat completely made from heart and soul by me!