Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 The excitement of life never knowing what the next day or the next commission might bring.  New images new people often times new friendships.   I feel so very fortunate that I have this intense love for animals so every new photo that comes to me is far more than an order to recreate a pet. It is a gift to one degree or another to bond with another animal lover. To share their personal pet with all the photos they love and have carefully selected so I can get the piece just right. Now I have to admit I love cats very much and have owned a number of them myself many years ago.  I know enough about them to know just like with any animal the personalities can be incredibly varied.  Not being as familiar with them in my daily life they can be a great challenge for me to make.  My passion to create them is no less but when you live and study an animal your entire life as I have dogs you learn all the little quirks and details. Not the case for me with cats so when this recent selection of photos came my way I must admit I was a bit intimidated because he obviously had a huge personality that was going to have to be incorporated and he needed to be bigger than I usually make. My art is not just the physical piece you see because for me the personality has to be included.  Yes personality can be included as most of my clients/friends attest to when they receive them.  The owner and I worked very hard to get this Bisi cat just right.  Yes owner. I needed her help and was starting to be a bit concerned I would never quite capture him. Hard for customers to know just what needs to be seen in the photos so it can be just right and sometimes hard for me to see what I am not getting just right. However with great love and patience all can be accomplished in most things and certainly in what I do. Proud to say I did get Mini Bisi right and I made a really wonderful new friend. One thing I have learned about cats is, when they have a powerful personality it is impossible to not enjoy looking at them.  Here I am sharing photos my new friend has been kind enough to share with me of the real Bisi and his Miniature.  You will enjoy them I am sure because he is just one of those cats that you cannot look at without a smiling.

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