Monday, February 29, 2016

Joe Miniature Pinscher

Passion for making the miniature dogs is really two fold because I love the real dogs so much and can relate to the pain of losing them from our lives.  This little dog Joe belongs to a wonderful couple that were instrumental in me getting my latest little rescue. Miniature Pinschers were not a breed I was familiar with or had that much interest in as recently as 7 years ago. After suffering my own loss I was gifted a Toy Fox Terrier Mini Pin and fell in love instantly. I am sure many people are like me in when they have to say goodbye to a dog they love they would really like one that looks similar to help keep the memory alive.  This is really what started my recreating memorial dogs for people.. That attempt to keep the memory alive in just another way.  Back to my TFT/Pin . He so quickly became the little love in my life helping me to recover as well as possible the loss of my cherished Old Ted.  Fast forward to today and the new rescue as usual searching for the look alike to my TFT/Pin I saw a little guy named Simon. Why had no one taken him already?  Circumstance did not allow me to snap him up so I put it in the hands of fate.. As fate so often does he was still in the foster home when I was ready to meet him.  The foster dad could not have been more helpful going completely out of his way to bring him to me for a meet and greet and see what my dog Bob might think of him.  I loved him the second he was out of the car and still in the foster’s arms.

Now to Joe.. Joe is 16 and he belongs to the foster family that so kindly and so lovingly cares for this breed in need of homes. He contacted me to recreate Joe before Joe leaves them as he can see Joe is slowing down having good days and bad.  It is an honor for me when asked to make a dog because I completely understand what a treasure they are and how much they mean to us. They are our fur children for sure Above are a couple pictures of little Joe 

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