Monday, October 8, 2012

Barbie's Cat

I'm known as the "Dog Lady" or "Dog Artist" today I offer a Cat! Of course I have made many cats, because there are as many if not more of them then dogs... however I am not as familiar with them and in some odd way Dogs just seem to come from my soul.  I have owned a number of cats.. two come to mind.. one my very first was named "Tootsie" I didn't name her and she didn't seem to like me as much as my older sister. Much to my distress she always prefered to sleep on her bed.. another cat when I was a adult, was "Morris" looking nothing like the Morris from the cat food commercials he was a black and white Tabby. Morris was quite the darling boy.. he loved the dogs and I delighted in watching them play together. I find that back paw kick that they do in mock fighting very funny. Watching my dogs figure out what Morris's next move was always made me laugh. Morris could always outwit the dog ...sometimes hard for dogs to figure out how a animal can run behind a piece of furniture and suddenly appear in a completely different area of the room..  so I have made a cat in a larger scale to pose with Barbie, and below you will see what I came up with. She was to have a elegant look somewhat delicate in form wearing a very thin purple leather collar with gold accents. Striking blue eyes with sleek form.....


  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a beautiful cat. I used to have some and they would stretch into that position all the time. When I look at it's face it seem to be thinking "I know I'm cute, put me down" I love it. It's not the fact that your work is lifelike, it's more that they are living and tell as tory.
    I love it!
    Big hug,