Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Writing about one of my real dogs today. Zebu is no longer with me in form but certainly is in spirit. He is one dog that has left me with a feeling of never really knowing just how great a dog he was while I had him.   While looking for a big dog to come and live with us I came upon a breeder I had known many years earlier. She indeed had two puppies. I was interested in a male dog. I really lean toward them... I think they make a better pet.. personal preference.  Getting there on a rainy type day... there they were two little darlings. Already almost 3 months old and showing their personality clearly. The little boy was being bothered, jumped on,and chewed by his sister. He came to me for a lap and a little hugging. He quickly sealed his fate as our dog with that move. My youngest son was beyond delighted when we pulled up with Zebu. Zebu was classically marked with the black and tan already holding his large ears high. My son and Zebu immediately became brothers... wrestling always ... with Zebu using all those moves his sister taught him.  He became my son's dog in every way.  Today it is often said that Onyx has similar characteristics in personality as Zebu had... that is a compliment and high praise...


  1. He looks like a wonderful animals, we had a german shepard when I was growing up I really loved that dog


  2. Hello Lucy,
    What a wonderful dog. He was beautiful and sounds like he was a lot of fun.
    Your miniature versions are just perfect. He would be very proud of you for having done him justice...Just ebautiful.
    Big hug,