Sunday, October 28, 2012


My interest was sparked again recently with questions about dolls and making dogs for them.. as I have mentioned many times I have always liked Barbie dolls.  A friend of mine sent me a number of other dolls to work with for scale in making dogs for them. Today I came across one I had not photographed or made a dog for.  She has a really beautiful face and is very poseable.  It doesn't seem like she likes dogs that much! I could not get her to interact with them the way I like. I even took Old Ted out from under his dome to see if he could not charm some warmth from her. The photos that follow show his interaction with her. She also held the Pekingese in my first attempt to warm her up.  The doll artists and those that pose them and take the fabulous pictures should get a lot of credit... they are not that easy to pose. It takes a lot of patience... good job all of you.. 

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  1. Hello Lucy,
    How could you not fall in love with such a wodnerful face. He looks so attentive...very much like he's listening to someone. Agai, your work moves me very much. He's just wonderfula dn I feel that I am looking at a living dog.
    Big hug my talented friend,