Thursday, July 25, 2013


 I have made a few copies of this magnificent rock star Oso.. most of the pictures I come across in my never ending sorting of photos strike me with a memory and I want to show the dog again.  My new work takes time to settle in with the feelings the dog brings. Often looking over work that has been gone for sometime I become rather nostalgic so showing them helps me to relive the making of them. Always a special moment when they are done, and I can play with them in pictures.  Here I posed my favorite fashion doll with him. She lives in a NY apartment on a high floor looking down on Central Park.  Play and dream.. one of my fantasies the high rise apartment in NY City!.. Here she looks out and dreams and imagines with her handsome Newfoundland Oso by her side. Both seeming to have their own dream as they look out and imagine! Love is always the theme there is no other way for me to create a dog... its all dog love!

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