Sunday, July 7, 2013


When first receiving the request for Bonzer a  Irish Wolfhound mix to be created in large scale I was a bit taken aback.  Very distinct markings with wonderful expressive eyes with even a exact white mark on his eyeball. Studying his photos ( of which there were many ) I had a strong feeling of his essence that reminded me somehow of my Old Ted. Off to a good start with that on my side.  I knew it would be many months before I could work on Bonzer, it has to be first come first serve and he was far down in line.. however I just had to do his body NOW.. why? to prove I even could, or to have that behind me. I am not sure but I did make him and his skeleton sat for months reminding me somehow making each new project seem less daunting.. The time is here it is Bonzer's turn.  He seemed to be going smoothly face first and good but when it came to fur! Maybe you can imagine how hard it can be to pick the right fiber to match the dog.. trial and error is not a good option in this case.. go to far can't turn back so after my choice was painstakingly made I began the body... his beautiful large body LOL.  With guidance from his owner I think I pulled him out. 
I have since watched a number of videos of Bonzer and I do feel I have captured him and his essence that I saw from the beginning.. he lives such a glorious life in Alaska. I can't even tell you how he seems to just fit that perfect breathtakingly beautiful place and the rugged life there.. bear, moose and a few small rodents to chase under the wood pile.. When I get pictures of the real Bonzer checking out my work on his mini I will post dog Onyx did look him over as usual. Just like with making his body I was just so anxious to show him off. A labor of love as always!


  1. Gorgeous as usual and you won the challenge ... Labor of love is always beautiful. ♥ Hugs

  2. Oh wow! You really captured him. I bet his person will be very happy.


  3. Hello Lucy,
    The fur is incredible. You did a remarkable job. If there was any artist who could interpret and recreate Bonzer it is you. Everything about him, position, fur, face...I repeat, absolutely incredible!
    Big hug,

  4. Ooooo Lucy you made him very lifelike. Incredible beautiful work!