Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Forgot Me!

 I titled this as I did because it always seems to me the facial expression on the dog when you walk away is "You must of forgotten me because certainly I would be going!" a mere oversight to have closed the gate on the best friend... can you tell I hate leaving them behind even though we all know there are just times and certain personalities that do best at home rather than at the event ... won't mention names. Everything in life is more enjoyable when the dog is along.  Really! Why walk without a dog or go in the boat? I can put that (Why) in front of almost everything.  Below is my Wolfhound, he has been around and has had his picture shown.. went to shows been in magazines and finally sold in London... below he is in the old oak woods I live in being photographed with the expression I love,sort of sad sort of curious sort of anticipating. Wolfhounds! My first experience was a little shocking. The breed is majestic beyond description with a sweet soulful expression competing with the ever so tiny breeds on our laps. Just felt like a Wolfhound day..

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