Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 I have not posted in so long. It took Chai to drag me out of hiding. Today while looking through my old show book.. photos of past dogs that I used to take to the International Miniature Show so I could have examples on my table, I came across a couple pictures of a little dog I made many years ago. Often when I start to make someones pet I get to know the owner a bit over the process.  This owner and I connected strongly a friendship was born.  We got started on a project together. She is an incredibly talented lady herself. Suddenly she had to cancel a health issue got in the way. We lost track or I lost track of her. I searched and searched for word of her. Knowing she was possibly very ill I feared the worst.  I can't even actually remember how I found her name and wrote "is this you?" She replied YES ha ha.. I was so delighted to know she with me again. We continue our close friendship from afar. Like so many people I am  close to we have not met in person.  I am happy we were connected again so I could be there with her when the darling real Chai passed away. Dogs they bring us joy,sorrow,delight, and pain for me they also bring the most wonderful people into my life. I am forever grateful to Dogs.. It is after all All About the Dogs! Below are a few pictures of little Chai my friends own  cute setting.

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