Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing with Barbie

It has been mentioned to me that my work is play! Astonished that it is not obvious that this is Art and hard work! Something  I love, is going over the old pictures of dogs I made long ago and are now living in a collectors homes. Not being a doll collector I have a limited number of dolls of my own. All my great dolls and dogs and even horses from my childhood were all stolen, so I have had to sort of start over in that area.  Many wonderful fasion doll collectors have been so kind and actually sent me a number of dolls to pose with dogs. Rather amazing how the doll industry has changed in these many years.  When I look over the photos of the dolls with dogs I see the same actions I myself have with my real dogs. I suppose this isn't  unusual, we do what we know and it is what I love.... I like to try and show tenderness, love and compassion in the scenes.  Below are a number of photos I pulled together.  A funny thing comes to mind when I look at them.... Randal Craig the wonderful fashion designer of Barbie clothes.... RTW Fashions...saw some Barbie photos with dogs.  He wrote to me.  " Lucy has Barbie no shoes?"  Well No...she does not . What did Radal do? Sent me a package of some fab shoes, Original Tote bags, and limited fashions for Barbie. Now Barbie can pop her purse size dogs in when she takes them out ... now that she has shoes.  Hope you enjoy Barbie playing with her Dogs


  1. The Little Dog In The Purse Is Absolutely A Cuteness!!LOL!!So Delicate!!
    I Love The Photos,Lucy!!
    Great Posting!!

  2. Hell oLucy,
    You sai "I like to try and show tenderness, love and compassion in the scenes" do not try my dear friend, you succeed with excellence! you might have fun amking your incredible animals, but to get the results you do there has to be a lot of hard work, devotion, and love to your craft...playing indeed! Ha!

    Big hug my hard working friend,