Friday, September 7, 2012

Black Beauty

We have all heard this name Black Beauty! I didn't name this horse Black Beauty a friend of mine burst that out when seeing her for the first time. That seems to be testimony enough for me that this horse should be called  Black Beauty.  My friends and family know well how much I love horses. Typical little girl I guess, all wrapped up in horses and horse back riding lessons and pestering my poor parents endlessly to have a horse of my own. Going so far as to pick the horse that I wanted out! .....where was I going to keep that horse in the apartment in the city? The wonderful wide eyed dreams of little children.. Each summer spending time on a ranch up north riding everyday was how I survived not owning my own horse ... my Barbie doll of course had many horses. Sadly all my wonderful Doll possessions and animals were all stolen from a place I lived in.  Today I make dogs as all my friends know.  I use the word friend because the support and love along with admiration I get from them feels like friendship. I always try to return that feeling. All this leads to photos of my most recent horse.  She seems to display grace and spirit in her pose.  The facial expression is very sweet.  Excitement for me as I see the facial expression come through. None are the same... each has something inexplicable in the expressions. Until I see that light in the eye the piece is not done... I watch for the spark of a personality is the piece.  Black Beauty has that " Spark" I hope you can see it as well.......


  1. She is very cute and awesome. Your friend has suggested a better name to her. Do you have ride once on her? It will be a wonderful experience

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  2. Hello Lucy,
    Absolutely beautiful. I love the musculature in the looks so realisitc.
    It is always a pleasure to read your post, see your work, and get to know more about you.
    Big hug my friend,