Thursday, September 27, 2012


Rufus is a dual purpose piece. I created him to sit with a darling little girl as a I made a copy of a print. I love antique art prints with dogs and children and use them for inspiration many times. Rufus is the first in a series of the same dog in many different situations with little children. I have so many ideas for this dog.   I plan on putting Rufus in many interesting poses and situations.  For now I can only show you this darling boy. His expression is peaceful and loving.  He has many details that a photo just can't show. For instance he has some great paws and toenails! He also is wearing a heavy leather collar with a strong ring since he is a dog of substance. But look at that face .... would he pull his little owner over? I think he is probably very calm and well behaved with great intuition. After all these big breeds can be the most gentle of all.. seeming to know they are large and their owner (in this case) is but a small child.  The story will continue ....


  1. me encanta !!!! es precioso, adorable
    felicidades Ü

  2. Hey,Lucy!!
    I'm glad to have you as a new follower on my blog!
    I'm here to thank you and say that I'm following
    this lovely yours also!!
    Lots Of Success Always!!
    Hugs From Jorge!

  3. Hello Lucy,
    I just want to hold his head and my hands and rub him and play with him. He's just beautiful and has such a wonderful look of goodness in his face.
    I love him. Once again you did a wonderful job.
    Big hug,