Monday, September 10, 2012


 A Cairn Terrier named Peanut! If there is one breed of dog I am familiar with in a most personal way it's the Cairn Terrier.  Accidentally I found myself the owner of a Cairn mix that turned into the love of my life. Old Ted's mom was a Cairn Terrier looking much like my Cinder I have today. Falling madly in love with Old Ted I thought I should find another Cairn....somehow giving all the credit to the Cairn Terrier for making my darling Old Ted who he was. So after trying to get many breeders to even speak with me at the many Dirt dog trials and dog shows I finally found a breeder willing to give a novice a chance at a puppy.  The Breeders can be well that will be another blog.  So this all leads to Peanut, the Cairn Terrier I made for a lady using my Cinder's fur. The customer found Peanut a delight made in real Cairn fur with a face ... well those Cairn Terriers have a face that I absolutely just find the cutest and Peanut is no exception.  My husband and I attend the Land O Lakes kennel club dog show each winter ... once going on the Specialty day for the Cairns. Cairns! Dozens and Dozens of them.. must be my heaven. A ring full of my favorite little dogs. When I enter that show a child comes to my surface and all of a sudden I can't control the excitement of seeing all these dogs in one area... face after adorable face... thrilling to just think of it!  If you can enjoy a darling face then I hope you enjoy my rendition of Peanut...


  1. Hello Lucy,
    Peanut is adorbale. he looks like he just heard someone coming up the walkway. For a miniature made with real fur he is rediculously realistic!
    Bravo my friend!
    Big hug,

  2. Thank you Giac .. you're such a loyal follower. I really appreciate all your comments.