Friday, November 16, 2012

What about a Poodle?

Today I am focusing on two of the oh so many Poodles I have made.  In my life my first encounter with a Poodle was a Standard Black male named Josh.. magnificent animal in all regards. He was groomed in the fancy show cut that we all think of when someone says "Poodle"..not a fan as a child of that style of dog but a dog was a dog and I did love all dogs and big dogs for sure.He was not Rin Tin Tin or Lassie but he was big and he was impressive. Josh belonged to a lady that owned a fabulous large brick home on many groomed acres. My mother did her cleaning and I accompanied her many times with the intent on playing some of the very clever games Josh knew. Brilliant animals those Poodles and he was no exception. Hide and seek was one of his favorites. You know what is fun about hide and seek with a dog? They love to be the seeker! Ha ha. Your it! is also something they love... because the chase is the most fun.  You just can't be bored if you have a dog as your friend. The two examples I am showing of Poodles I made both for the same owner.  Sadly the black example is a memorial piece named Wolfy. The beautiful Chocolate brown Poodle is Guiness. He arrived as a wild spirited puppy to help with the passing of Wolfy.  He helped in more ways then expected as she found herself with a handful of puppy that quickly consumed every thought and maneuver to outwit him. Today he has settled into the wonderful companion she needed and wanted.  


  1. Hello Lucy,
    Is there any dog you cannot make in miniature to perfection? They are just gorgeous! I'd swear I was looking into the yes of living animals. Absolutely amazing!
    Big hug,

  2. Once again, amazing! I'm amazed and lacking words for your wonderful work!