Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Bacardi is a dog from many years ago. During a photo sorting I came across his album. Feels right to write about him now.. he is after all on my slide show on Designer Dog Miniature's Website, so he is an important piece. To choose 7 photos for a slide show when you have hundreds says it all.  This is one of his favorite actions in the real Bacardi's life.. the old paw offer move. I see this myself daily from my big dog Onyx.  Onyx adds a bit of a slap with is paw offer. His objective is to somehow turn a offer of the paw into a full on "sit on your lap move" Bacardi's pose he is looking gentle and in a true offer of the paw. Said it before ... love those dogs paws. Here he has wonderful paws that seem to actually put weight on the surface he sits on. Attentive sweet expression! So much in those eyes... love, energy,excitement all at the same time. There is always some bond with a piece when it is a persons pet..I can't work with those photos so closely and not get that dog in my head and heart. Enjoy him..


  1. Hello Lucy,
    If I have to be poerfectly honest, this is a masterpiece and I think my favourite miniature dog ever. He is perfect in every detail. Excellent choice for your slide show. A real masterpiece.
    Big hug,

  2. Hello Giac
    High praise my friend ... thank you so much. Always appreciate your wonderful comments.