Monday, November 19, 2012


Here we are again... with I hope something you find interesting. Dog Earrings... in this case Rottweiler. My daughter has a Rottweiler named Jack! He is giant in heart and size.  He is, or should be the poster child/dog for sweet breeds that are misunderstood. Calm wonderful gentle boy. Brings true meaning to "Wiggle Butt" as it seems to be in constant motion displaying the sweet friendly personality he has. My daughter's  first Rottweiler was in Germany, when returning to the USA she had of course to have another, so here is the inspiration for my work.  I have made so many Rottweilers just learning to get them right! The tiny little ones turned into earrings and some went to tiny, tiny 1/4 scale doll houses. I have made earrings of two different dogs so someone could wear both their dogs at once. I have made pins of other breeds so people could wear their own dog at dog shows. This worked wonderfully for show dog people. Hands free display of YOUR dog..  Here is Jack! From puppy to adult.

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  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a beautiful dog! He is goregous and looks so sweet. He has the msot beautiful color fur...what a dog! I can't believe you got such incredible detail in such a small scale...those earings are just gorgeous...mind you, with a wonderful model like Jack and the incredible skill you have developped, how could you go wrong!
    Big hug my friend,