Thursday, June 27, 2013


I just felt like writing about Bob.. for one thing if you're reading this than you wanted to so if you find it boring you can just stop reading ... beauty of that right?  The story of how and why we got Bob has been told won't repeat that.  It has taken me just about 5 years now to feel I  of have Bob figured out almost figured out Maneuvering around his many little non typical behaviors has not always been easy. One thing for certain he is a darling and so so friendly to human or canine alike.... a very special thing about dogs I think, is if allowed they will enter a place inside your heart and soul that can be so intune with your emotions you may not be aware its happened. Yesterday as we were all out mulling around the property I stopped at Old Ted's grave.. to chat with him and see the lovely setting growing so beautiful this time of year.. suddenly without notice Bob walked over onto the grave marker and looked up at me with that Bob face and expression .. why is my camera not sewn onto me somewhere. If you think I share a lot of pictures imagine if I took all those moments I think should be captured.  That moment when I looked at him all I can say is "Oh thank you Bob".  To me Bob said "oh here I am don't be sad" a dog's job... well done Bob!


  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a lovely post. I think anyone who has a dog knows exactly how you feel. You are fast...We have had Ozzy for 8 years and I still have no idea what he is up to most of the time...but we love him with all our heart. A big hug to you and to Bob,

  2. Bob, your a great little dog who loves your owner to bits. Lots of hugs and pats for you from IndyPoppy

    Lucy, I understand exactly how you they say in the song "Dogs are the best People"