Friday, July 6, 2012

Airedale Terrier

From my book of Dog Paintings I have copied a couple Airedale Terriers. Showing only one here today.Terriers are one of my favorite breeds.. I'm not sure if its the wire hair and beards or the spunky personalities possibly their often independent nature.  No matter the reason I love them! This little guy being a exact copy from a oil painting does not show the conformation of the Airedale today. I actually prefer to make some of the breeds as they used to be.. before all the conformation and show breeding got into full swing with us changing things around in the dogs so they would look like WE want them to with little regard to actual function and performance... not even getting into personalities. This is not true of all breeds but sadly there are some that can't perform the tasks they were originally meant for...

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  1. OH DEAR! OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is just as stunning as in real life. BRAVO! Anita