Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 One of my absolute favorite dogs! This large scale Borzoi standing eight inches tall is packed with realism and detail. One of the dogs I made just for fun... he posed with many of my dolls over the last couple years. I am about to post him for sale on my website so I thought I better blog about him all by himself since he is a special piece to me.  100% Tibetan lamb with German glass eyes he is a real treasure.  Perfect paws! If you know me then you know I have a obsession with the Paw! This dog also has those black markings on his face that are not quite complete black only a hint of it. Not achieved with pastels or paint or anything that can be rubbed off or look heavy..  I sure hope you enjoy seeing him half as much as I enjoyed making him. I am sure it will not be anytime soon if ever I can make a special piece like this one... thanks so much for looking at him..

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  1. really capture the exact features of any breed you set you mind on my dear!!!Anita