Sunday, July 22, 2012


After owning two Collies myself and knowing many that still do own them I always love to make a Collie. Of course Lassie was one of my favorites on TV when I was growing up. Barbie had many Collies but I did not! Living in a apartment my  mom  was really not fond of any dog hair.. that proved to be too big a hurtle for me to get a Collie. My older sister had a friend that did own a Collie.  She would drive up in her convertible with this big beautiful dog sitting in the passenger seat mane flowing! Such a sight for me to see her come to visit so I could spend the afternoon grooming this wonderful dog called Cheeko .  When I had a home of my own, and since I am not in the least opposed to dog hair ... when my sister in law had a opportunity to get two Collie puppies I was on board to take one. She took the male and I took the female. My puppy was the runt and we called her Bitsy. The large handsome male was named Joshua.    When I got married and lived in Florida my husband was in the Navy.  For company he purchased a Collie puppy for me. Lady was her name... she was a wonderful Sable. Her name suited her as she was a delicate wonderful Lady. I spent many years combing Lady... I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of this beauty I am showing you. This dog was very large scale showing such Collie expression..


  1. HELLO MY DEAR! I am back in Blogland and I am loving it! Missed you A LOT. This collie is fabulous! Anita