Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miss Chai

A goodbye post to darling little Miss Chai... a good girl dog,best friend, constant companion to a very dear friend of mine. I made a mini Chai more years ago then I care to think of. I lost contact with Chai's Mom in spite of trying to find her. Health issues had taken her away emotionally and physically.  In touch again for a number of years I have been able to enjoy the pictures and stories about darling  little Chai.  As the years have passed I have thought often of  the day she would  leave for the Rainbow Bridge for my dear friend and selfishly for myself I dreaded it coming. I've become friends many times with the dogs and their owners... making goodbye so hard.  I know a lot of really wonderful dogs waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and I think some I knew well will be showing her around.  Tearfully we have to say goodbye to this little girl dog that we so loved...

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