Saturday, July 28, 2012

Labrador Retriever

Hunting dogs should of been where it all started for me and maybe it actually did in some ways. My father raised hunting dogs when I was very little.  My father was a passionate dog lover ... I credit or blame him for my own great love of Canines.  As a child he never tired of listening to my interest and questions about dogs.  I did not find the hunting breeds as interesting since I was watching Rin Tin Tin and Lassie on TV I really wanted a GSD or Collie. ...Now this pair I am showing is a custom set. Only a small part of this family. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


After owning two Collies myself and knowing many that still do own them I always love to make a Collie. Of course Lassie was one of my favorites on TV when I was growing up. Barbie had many Collies but I did not! Living in a apartment my  mom  was really not fond of any dog hair.. that proved to be too big a hurtle for me to get a Collie. My older sister had a friend that did own a Collie.  She would drive up in her convertible with this big beautiful dog sitting in the passenger seat mane flowing! Such a sight for me to see her come to visit so I could spend the afternoon grooming this wonderful dog called Cheeko .  When I had a home of my own, and since I am not in the least opposed to dog hair ... when my sister in law had a opportunity to get two Collie puppies I was on board to take one. She took the male and I took the female. My puppy was the runt and we called her Bitsy. The large handsome male was named Joshua.    When I got married and lived in Florida my husband was in the Navy.  For company he purchased a Collie puppy for me. Lady was her name... she was a wonderful Sable. Her name suited her as she was a delicate wonderful Lady. I spent many years combing Lady... I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of this beauty I am showing you. This dog was very large scale showing such Collie expression..

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miss Chai

A goodbye post to darling little Miss Chai... a good girl dog,best friend, constant companion to a very dear friend of mine. I made a mini Chai more years ago then I care to think of. I lost contact with Chai's Mom in spite of trying to find her. Health issues had taken her away emotionally and physically.  In touch again for a number of years I have been able to enjoy the pictures and stories about darling  little Chai.  As the years have passed I have thought often of  the day she would  leave for the Rainbow Bridge for my dear friend and selfishly for myself I dreaded it coming. I've become friends many times with the dogs and their owners... making goodbye so hard.  I know a lot of really wonderful dogs waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and I think some I knew well will be showing her around.  Tearfully we have to say goodbye to this little girl dog that we so loved...


After getting things set up for a photo shoot I realized the dog I had in mind was not quite ready for pictures.. putting out a call the Pekingese felt he could fit in this setting best. So here he is... he has been seen before ... but still looking good. He took a trip to Italy for a photo shoot with some fashion dolls. Got to lounge around on a bed, had his picture taken, flew back home, and here he is again in front of the camera!  Some dogs just seem to like it that way ~

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shih Tzu

Two sister dogs! They have traveled to Italy for a fashion shoot... back home again for a short time and now the girls are going to a forever home. Yes sometimes for me I become so fond of the pieces after putting so much care and time into each one it's hard to not love  looking at them sitting in my studio. Lucky for me these two little girls are going to the same home with a most adoring owner. They will go on display in  protected area atop a Oriental Rug! I am amazed at the many ways the dogs go into a new home and settle into a dollhouse setting or display with fashion dolls or possibly as with these two ~ just to be admired for what they are unique One of a kind works of Art.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 One of my absolute favorite dogs! This large scale Borzoi standing eight inches tall is packed with realism and detail. One of the dogs I made just for fun... he posed with many of my dolls over the last couple years. I am about to post him for sale on my website so I thought I better blog about him all by himself since he is a special piece to me.  100% Tibetan lamb with German glass eyes he is a real treasure.  Perfect paws! If you know me then you know I have a obsession with the Paw! This dog also has those black markings on his face that are not quite complete black only a hint of it. Not achieved with pastels or paint or anything that can be rubbed off or look heavy..  I sure hope you enjoy seeing him half as much as I enjoyed making him. I am sure it will not be anytime soon if ever I can make a special piece like this one... thanks so much for looking at him..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smooth Dachshund

I made this little dog for my sister in law as a gift to her dear friend. This little guy has a huge personality in life. He is his mom's protector and darling Boy!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Newfoundland Head Study

Oso! He is probably my favorite piece I have made.  Very long story involving him and his owner and how we came about actually creating this large scale large in life beautiful example of a Landseer Newfoundland. I am posting head pictures of this sculpture to show his expression. He was known as the Rock Star in his neighborhood.. is it really any wonder why?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Another copy of a old oil painting..  my only regret with making this dog is he choice of fiber. The exact fiber is so critical on the piece turning out perfect as well as eye selection.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Airedale Terrier

From my book of Dog Paintings I have copied a couple Airedale Terriers. Showing only one here today.Terriers are one of my favorite breeds.. I'm not sure if its the wire hair and beards or the spunky personalities possibly their often independent nature.  No matter the reason I love them! This little guy being a exact copy from a oil painting does not show the conformation of the Airedale today. I actually prefer to make some of the breeds as they used to be.. before all the conformation and show breeding got into full swing with us changing things around in the dogs so they would look like WE want them to with little regard to actual function and performance... not even getting into personalities. This is not true of all breeds but sadly there are some that can't perform the tasks they were originally meant for...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Janson Manor

Special photos today! These were taken by Wilson Santiago  his bed dressings, furniture and window coverings  are incredible and so realistic. He has been working with my client to get the "Janson Manor" in outstanding decor.  The Manor is a sprawling spectacular structure with such incredible decorating and lighting... not to even mentioning the fabulous job the owner has done on the landscaping. I am so pleased to have many of my animals living in and outside the Manor.  Many stories can be imagined while looking into each room with all the finery displayed. I hope you enjoy the photos Wilson has provided me...showing what a wonderful home my animals are enjoying.  Makes me happy to see my artwork displayed and loved as these are...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 Two examples of Pointers. One of these dogs is on display in the Kentucky Miniature Museum in a hunting scene. I have not yet had the opportunity to see him in the setting but I am told it is wonderful.  My father raised German Shorthaired Pointers when I was young. I have never been the biggest fan of the hunting breeds so attempting the Pointers was somewhat of a challenge. I think they turned out quite handsome. I guess since one made it to the museum what more could you ask for. A real place of honor for a miniature furred dog! Odd maybe but I always like them to have good homes... possibly I am a little too involved in each piece..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bichon Brothers

Today we have the Bichon brothers. I have a friend in California that has five Bichon and she sends me all sorts of the soft clean wonderful fur. I have used it time and time again .. not only for the Bichon but any other white breed that this soft fur works well on. Very difficult and time consuming to get the fur ready for my work however the result can be outstanding when done with great care.  Somehow the real dog fur when applicable just makes the piece come to life.  As mentioned time and again I am very interested in the dogs looking as if they may take a breath or bark at any moment.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Not always All Dogs.. here is a example of a Grizzly Bear made to order for a customer .. you just never know what a miniature setting may need I guess. All natural shading with fiber no pens or pastels or paint used on any of my animals. Hope his face is not too sweet! Problem I often have... faces turn out sweet!   Not always what is required.. On a very hot day here in Minnesota I thought a picture of some snow was in order.. I do love our snow here..