Monday, April 2, 2012

Bob & Bob

Don't want to leave Bob out of the blog. Here is the mini Cairn terrier made using Bob's real fur. I have noticed a lot of recent miniatures with remarks that they are "real fur"... to me real fur is dogs fur. I don't consider Alpaca or Cashmere, Silk or any other fiber that is used to fur animals as real fur. You don't talk about this fiber as being fur! Just wanted to make that distinction between the two so that when anyone purchases a dog from me that is real fur... it actually is! I use a lot of other fibers to recreate a realistic look, however real dog fur when applicable can't be beat for realism.  Not easy to work with... only makes it even more special. If it's your own dogs fur then even better. Emotionally that is more the real dog to me then other fiber I touch my replica of Old Ted made with 100% his fur .. I know I am at least touching my beloved old friend in miniature if I no longer can in life.

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