Friday, April 27, 2012


Didn't know a lot about the Basenji before researching the breed and talking to many past Basenji owners. Hearing that they are African dogs that don't bark you may get to thinking that would be a nice thing ... that NO barking. Or is it just a owner like myself with 2 Cairn terriers and a Mini pin Toy fox terrier mix? No stranger to  insane barking bouts at the slightest noise I must admit No bark is a interesting idea. However.... since my many conversations I have found out the Basenji is one power house of energy and destruction! Oh sure there must be the few out there that are behaved. Just like there must be Cairns that actually do listen to their owners and may even do obedience. My experience with the terriers has got me thinking that I won't take a chance on a Basenji, because I certainly would pick the most typical of the breed if I were to pick a puppy.  That could all lead back to a Cairn story but won't go there right now.

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