Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ted's Poem

                                Walking with my Ted
       With each step he takes he touches my heart. Each moment I hold so dear.. his love and desire to be by my side is stronger then the pain. A upward glance reminding me of the bond we share. Each moment I have left to walk with my loyal boy does not go unnoticed. The gift of his companionship I am most grateful for.

I wrote this on one of our last morning walks in our beautiful woods.  I realize the day may never come that I can really look at his pictures or talk of him without tears. So missed is "Mom's boy"


  1. Losing a beloved buddy is so tough. Been there many times.
    I like the poem!

  2. Thanks Robin.. will be 3 years in Aug.

  3. Your poem is such a heartfelt tribute to Ted. Beautiful, Lucy. (Rae)

  4. Not a Poet or Writer.. I wanted to put the words down as they came to me while we walked. I knew one day it would help bring clearly to mind that day again.

  5. Oh, Lucy, that's so hard to read. You know I understand, and it doesn't matter how many years, or months, or days, you will never ever forget your Teddy. Tad and I do believe in the Rainbow Bridge, and our dearest hope is that we will see our Polly again, as well as all of our wonderful kitties who have gone over before us. Hugs to you, dear girl.