Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Old Ted

Old Ted aka Mom's Boy... very hard to look at pictures of Old Ted or think about him without tears.  Add write about or talk. I loved this heart dog with all of mine. He died almost 3 years ago. He wasn't always called Old Ted ... since I have a dog now named Ted we needed the distinction.  I needed to keep saying his name so had to have another Ted. I imagine I will always need a Ted in my life. I recreated my Ted in miniature. Not 1:12 scale or even 1:6 he is almost 7 inches high seated. I used ALL of his fur to make the piece. I tried to use beard hair for his beard and so on you get the obsessive point I am making.  Dog fur doesn't always work the best for a piece as texture and scale is off ... however it was vital to the piece that it be TED so I did all I could be make him as realistic and as Ted as possible. His sculpture sits under a glass dome on a recreated afghan just like the one that he loved in life.. now he looks at me as I type.. Your Dog Can Be Forever in this way anyway.

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