Monday, April 30, 2012


Here is a custom piece I made for a fashion doll collector. So you see she is large! Not the common thing to say about a Pom. Tiny,tiny little dogs in real life.  Sadly this darling has since passed on to the Rainbow Bridge however the owner does have comfort in having a exact replica of her in this miniature piece.  Oh these dogs... how we love and devote our life to them ( in my world anyway ) spent so many hours talking with my dog people at the recent miniature show in Chicago.  I am inspired by the many owners so in love with their pets. The reason I started making copies of peoples pets.  This is what keeps me crying and laughing with owners as we share our love for these so amazing animals that touch our life and heal our soul each day we are blessed to have them with us. I hope what I do, brings comfort to the owners when it's time to say goodbye.  Dogs! For me it is All About Dogs and sharing my artwork hoping  in some way to help you "Have Your Dog Forever".