Monday, March 12, 2012


Here is little Murphy in his new home. I love a Terrier! Borders are no exception. I remember my husband and I saw a little female Border Terrier at the Land O Lakes Kennel club show.... what a doll! She was very petite standing atop her very fancy wooden carrier. She came over to give us a little visit and fortunately for me she was eye level while standing on her very fancy wood crate. Typical of a Terrier the amount of attention for us was minimal. But after all there was a lot of show things going on that were much more interesting. However I don't know how many dogs I have seen since..... that were cuter then she was. Here is a wonderful little example of a Border Terrier in 1:12 scale. The picture Valerie sent me of the real Murphy had him very interested in a large toad! If Murphy is like my Cairn Bob then I imagine there was plenty of crying and carrying on about that toad being in his yard! Mini Murphy looks darling in his new home.