Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bouvier des Flanders

Talking a little about a dog I made many years ago now still a favorite. The Bouvier des Flanders a old breed from Belgium. Nelly and Rex were two dogs shown in 1910 at the International Dog Show in Brussels however the standard was not adopted until 1912 accomplished by a Frenchman. Recognized by the AKC in 1929. Americans imported dogs regularly from Europe until World War II not losing their appeal in 1963 the Bouvier des Flanders club was established in America. Today in Belgium the dogs must prove to be working dogs before they can be champions ... something I believe is a good thing. Working dogs need to work it is in their nature to love having a job. Myself being the over indulgent owner have a hard time putting my dogs to work. Now let's see what exactly is Ted's job? Enjoy this representation of the Bouvier or " Dog of Flanders " I tried to make him as exact to the standard as possible. Seeing muscle form on furry dogs is impossible doesn't stop me from putting it all there.

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