Saturday, March 31, 2012


   While Kalinka was alive she lived in So. Africa with her very devoted family. I am always so touched by the photos of the dog I receive to work from. Kalinka obviously was a large dog being a Borzoi..this did not stop her from living the full indoor life with her family. Sleeping in the bed on the furniture for a little cuddle time.. just the perfect life.The way it should always be in my opinion but that is me! So missed after many years her mom came to me to have a recreation of her made. A great pleasure working with her to get Kalinka just right. Her teenage son saw photos I emailed her and thought they were old photos of Kalinka.. Guess she is ready to go to Africa then.  A gift of a friend is what I get after making a piece like Kalinka..I always get so much back from the people.. we are still in touch after a number of years.

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