Thursday, March 22, 2012

Society Hound

The  first dogs I ever made were for my Barbie dolls. My Barbie had dogs, horses and a few cats... that is not hard to imagine, if you know me now. Barbie was never limited in the number of animals she could have. No problem with time, no problem with vetting or feeding. Barbie never seemed to have a lot of dog hair around her dream home as I recall. Funny since she had a number of Collies and GSD.  The picture today is a Barbie that I purchases as a adult... yes I am still playing Barbie. In fact one of my sons commented on my business with this statement.. " So you really just play with dogs and dolls all day ". She was Society Hound Barbie.. never occurred to me I would be buying and playing Barbie when I was this old... and how old  I am not telling. I replaced the plastic Greyhound for Barbie with one of my custom pieces... naturally. He is wearing the plastic dogs coat. I was looking for a picture of Ted! I wanted to enter him in a contest... in his file was this picture... no idea why, other then I am not very organized! So here is Society Hound Barbie with her custom made Greyhound. Hope you enjoy them.

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