Friday, March 9, 2012


                 Scupper! A darling Shetland Sheepdog. Not a miniature Collie as with Miniature Pinschers also not a miniature Doberman. Scupper's owners husband came to me in Chicago with photos to have me recreate Scupper for his wife. I so love it when the husbands or children come to me to recreate a loved ones pet. The following year Scupper's owner came to me in Chicago to tell me how much she loved her miniature Scupper. It brings me great joy to hear the dog stories and see the appreciation and love from the dog owners. This has turned what I do into something very personal and important to me... much more then sculpting a piece.. it becomes giving a small representation of a loved dog a small way to " Have Your Dog Forever " with as much realism as I can possibly put into it. Each dog has their essence, their spark!  When I see that come though in the glass eyes I know I have completed my miniature spark of love.

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